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Sanity check at the Chatham county dump

By Vana Prewitt
Posted Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - My husband came back from the dump site tonight raving mad. It's helpful to understand that nothing in the universe gets him riled, so this was a moment to watch. He asked for my help and I'm passing on his message to you good people because I know there is more sanity among this group than all the bureaucrats piled up in one spot in Chatham County.

Get a grip Chatham.

Mr. Phillips is 85 years old and supervises the Hadley dump site off Chicken Bridge -- or at least he used to. He's a decorated WWII vet and just the sweetest neighbor you could hope to meet. Apparently someone reported him for sleeping on the job. If it's true, then I would hope someone would have bought him a can of Folgers instead of "turning him in" like some slackard. The guy needs what little money he makes from managing the site and who could blame him for nodding off on a 12 hr shift out there by himself?

If the county is worried about non-Chathamites pulling in and dumping stuff when Mr. Phillips is counting sheep, they need to do a reality check. We recently received a new county dump sticker for our truck and it doesn't have a serial number or anything on it. Any fool with a color copier can make duplicates (and apparently they are). Whoever cooked up that bright idea for the new stickers seems to be letting in more illegal dumpers than an aging vet trying make a couple of extra bucks.

Get a grip Chatham.

The dump isn't Fort Knox and I'm sure Mr. Phillips has learned his lesson. Apparently the thing that hurt him the most is that someone told him when he was fired that "nobody can get along with him" at the dump and the community doesn't like him. It made him cry. Not only do the neighbors love the old coot but his co-workers can't understand it either.

Call, write and ask our officials what the hades they were thinking.

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