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Chatham Downs to make effort to clean-up appearance

By Lynn Hayes
Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Pittsbor, NC - I thought I'd pass this along. I have been pretty disgusted with the appearance of the Chatham Downs shopping center, particularly since being acquainted with the developer I had expressed confidence that they would do a great job with the very attractive plan that was submitted. I sent the Lat Purser company an email yesterday complaining about the progress of the landscaping and received an email back that said, in part:

Without going into lengthy detail, in an effort to be environmentally conscious, the irrigation aspect of our landscape plan provided for using our on-site collected storm water, supplemented with an on-site deep well system, to provide the water source for our irrigation system rather than relying upon the already overburdened County water system. We experienced difficulties getting the irrigation system fully operational and coupled with the drought conditions we experienced during the summer and early fall, we had very little germination of the seeding that was placed by our landscaper.

We have also been disappointed with the performance of our landscape contractor, who was also responsible for installation of the irrigation system and are presently waiting on a quote from another landscape company to address the difficiencies that are evident around the site. You may have noticed areas where we had placed sod - these areas are doing well. We plan on placing more sod in selected areas around the site. We will also be addressing the grassing around the detention pond and our street (15/501 and Lystra Rd.) frontages.

It is our understanding the First Citizens will be initiating construction of their branch bank facility once they have received their building permit through Chatham County which we understand may happen within the next several weeks. Their parcel, which is owned by First Citizens is on the left as you enter our property from the 15-501 entrance. Once First Citizens is completed and landscaped, this will fill the void that is seen at the front of the property and should complete the village feel of the shopping center.

As this is a high profile intersection, we want the property to be attractive and well maintained and a pleasing part of the community. We will be working diligently with the a new landscaper over the next several weeks to take advantage of the spring growing season. We look forward to this shopping center being one that we all can be proud of.

I was pretty pleased with the response, and if more people write to them maybe we'll get them to move more quickly. Write to Bob Otten at

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Chatham Downs to make effort to clean-up appearance

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