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Chatham Coalition's vice-chairman John Hammond is flat out lying

By Heather Johnson
Posted Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Pittsboro, NC - I do not like to dignify mud by responding, but since Mr. John Hammond is flat out lying I want to set just a couple of things straight.

I am a volunteer for the Brian Bock, Pamela Stewart and Walter Petty campaigns. Why would a campaign attack the volunteers for candidates? It seems to be an attempt to intimidate individuals from participating. Mr Hammond why don't you just tell us why you support your candidates instead of drawing these crazy, outlandish tangles webs of national politics tied to our local county candidates and their volunteers?

We are a grassroots campaign with only Chatham residents working hard to support our candidates. As a volunteer, I am not speaking officially for the campaign but can tell you that neither Bock, Stewart or Petty have ever been to a Tea Party, so the "tea party slate" thing is laughable to say the least. In fact it is an outright lie. Their focus is on our beloved county.

As for me I don't even watch Glen Beck and find the scare tactics employed by John Hammond detrimental to the candidates he supports. I am not saying whether the tea party or Beck are good or bad, they just are not for me as I am focused on Chatham. This election is not about the national scene it is about very serious issues facing our county. As to other lies written in Hammonds post, Randy Dye has never even been to one of our campaign meetings or events. I will say that Mr Dye is welcome to our event and meetings just as anyone in the county is welcome to participate, I only mention this a clarification and another example that should call into question the credibility of the Chatham Coalition's assertions.

Yes, please visit Brian Bock's website at where his absolutely detailed platform and solutions are laid out. How the Chatham Coalition can say that his platform does not exist there is the most outrageous lie because anyone reading it will see it is there!

I have a family and a small business in Chatham and care very much about the efforts that I put my time into. I know that the Chatham Coalition candidates may also have the best interest of Chatham at heart. We just have different ideas on how to achieve the best for Chatham. I am thankful to be in support of Bock, Stewart and Petty and that they will not participate in negative campaigning, instead they are dedicated to the issues facing Chatham. Working hard and getting their positive message out to the voters.

I realize that this is a political time and that I cannot whine when personally attacked. But for the sake of my family and my business I wanted to set the record straight. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

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Chatham Coalition's vice-chairman John Hammond is flat out lying

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