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Is Chatham Cary's next conquest?

Posted Thursday, June 15, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - Wondering the wisdom of the "joint" Land Use Planning Project and concerned that we may be climbing into bed with a foul foe. Considering that Cary is best know for its hostile takeovers of many townships who once weighed what Cary could do for them..but only got the DooDoo in Cary's planning process of expanding them into extinction.. In 40 yrs since I came to NC I've seen the borderlines that swallowed HollySprings, Fuquay, Garner, Morrisville, Carpenter and Apex that resisted for years, but didn't have the big bucks to BUCK them off.

Relinquishing their "assets" was the cost for talking..rather then taking Cary to court for the first invasion they pulled off. Now ripe for picking & polishing Chathams politician's who hold our counties jewels on the bargaining table this joint venture and vats of variables like roulette.

What are the odds of Chatham holding Cary to its pretty promises and persumptuous words?

BET the townships who learned the hard way, when they under-estimated the once tiny tentacles and got tangled into No Choice, but become part of Cary's highend/high density developments and dam sure didn't get USE of the services or structures built on their lands.

Perhaps our Commissioner's should be planning a Course of Caution and USE "It" when it comes to dealing with Chathams Land, since Cary/Chapel Hill has their "own" game plans and already developing crossing our borderlines..believe it Chatham IS Cary's next conquest!

Believe it, I've been there at those town meetings and planning hearings held only as part of the politic's and ploys of those nessessary evils of hearing "The Flack" from the people, then forgetting that fallout in the process of forefilling "The Plan"..for it's ready in concrete and it's only a matter of figuring out the costs and a payment PLAN for the taxpayers.

For years Goliath has been growing into Chatham and because our county isn't a part of Cary, this county wasn't allowed to actively participate in Cary's decisions process. It sure doesn't take rocket science to go figure, if Cary is now willing to's only to figure out OUR game plan and what they have to gain? Gain info is good FISHING Trip to plan a feast.
Like our Predecessor's who were stripped to bare bones and barely survive now, now know to be wary whenever Big Brass start talking with the Little Fish. It only to inquire what kind of "Bait" we are likely swallow, since it usually means they are the main course on menu.

It's Jaw Flapp'in to think we can talk to the Big Bass without getting eaten up in the end.

Proven & played out everyday in the laws of nature..even the dumbest of animals amazingly learns to heed very quickly. So WHY does it take the human factors so long to go figure or got to get tons of facts & figures to figure it out and out of time, waiting to 11th hr..59th min. before they're finally forced to a decision. Chatham can see the encroachments Cary has made in the past & presently know the consequence of what happens when entrusting our future to anyone's frivolous words..its no less then putting "the worm" on the hook for them.

Doubtful Chatham has a tight grip on the reel..reality says being sized as Dinner Candidate.

So WHY is Chatham wanting to talk with Cary's Big Fishes, when it knows the facts they are flirting & flunting dangerously by percocious give away primary keys that will be BIDS to seal the fate of this county as it become the future feeding grounds for its present Preditors.

After all..Huge CARP'S can eat anything they want or anywhere they please, its simply as picking what they desire, when choosing a place to sqwat, sprout sperm and spawn their communities. The Biggie's have nothing to lose by leaving the victim squalling after they swindled the land and likely talk a Joint Venture at the same time? No doubt, smoking that peacepipe will cloud Chathams judgments and will wear the scar's of its realities when its real estate dwindles. So whats mile or two change in the county lines or leave meaningless signs of where the bounderies lines USED to Be' being configured in other

Chatham is waving that white flag of co-operation, while Cary is weaving another web..nor does Chatham bother those Big Fish assessing their "taxes" to claim this territory & twine a tapestry to trap some more of this counties little guppies, who must gulp down the tariff's to live here. Now theres "a sign" and should realize that Chatham is being eaten alive..but instead of getting the backbone to standup and say enough, we sit down to talk to the party who wants to breakup our land and lifelines in pieces. A fact of life the Bigger the Beast the more capacity for consumption increases, the craftier it becomes in laying its framework for it's first priorities are to place DIB's on the best spots to assure there is plenty to gorge, as they grow. Going after it IS the is only of matter of where they want to put all their sewage, the water lines and landfills?

Poor Holly Springs was picked & primed to be The Premier Dump for Raleigh/Cary and rest of neighborly garbage, nearly 25yrs ago. No amount of "Valuable" piece of property, its development potential or the peoples plea's couldn't save it, since now those Big Fishies landfill IS full and slated for manditory closure after 30yrs. So Chathams real worry and must wonder what sort of plans that aren't being talked about now, but will surely be stuck with when the "Worm Turns"?? The time for finding this counties alternatives IS not after the land IS taken..but before taking a toke on a cooperative joint and joining the ranks of the many towns who failed to talk any reasonable solutions and sadly found themselves slowly BBQ.

The Commissioner's & Coalition speak of protecting "The Goose" that lays Golden Eggs but seems that goose is cooked if they fail to consider the land that holds the Hen's House!

Chatham once was proud and promoted itself with being based as a Agricultural County, it boasts of being second biggest in NC Dairy Industry.. as well as sustaining its Land Use Programs for productive farms and preserving its timber investments. Perhaps the counties planners are now more concerned about making big incentive offer's to bring developements into Chatham, that can't they remember back when those Developer's were chomping the bit bringing offer's to this county. Many "Romanced our Stone" offerings to pay for water treatment plants or baring costs of running water/sewer lines to service new communties they wanted to build back Chatham makes costly incentive offers to big builders.

Back when Chatham didn't sell its soul & stood soundly on its own plan for sensible slow growth to protect their land, it carefully perserved its farming and country life that used to be a priority that has sustained us for centuries...until recently. Now all they seem to see is the BIG BOX as a solution and sacrificing its farm lands by raising property taxes to the point it is not longer fiesable or affordable to the small farmer to maintain hayfields and pastures.

This is especially the case for Chatham's Horse Farms, since they fall between the cracks of the Land Use and Using a commercial horse farm that meets the same critria of income producing by providing a marketable products. So far from a misconception of hobby horses raised for pets, in reality of fairness there is no difference between horse breeders or cattle ranchers. Except horses rarely are qualified for Land Use Programs and protective benefits of reduced property taxes offered as incentives for productive farming. What Chatham is overlooking, are the facts that N.C. is the second largest horse producing state nationwide.

Kentucky being first, its Horse Industry is such a vital part of its economy and its people pay "no property taxes" well as Florida who also relies on its racing and tourism. Maybe it's time to start talking to the masses of horse owner's who were forced to move from the many other counties that made it impossible to pay outragious residential tax rates on our pasture lands, forcing farms to relocate in Chatham, to rebuild and raise our horses. Maybe this county needs to look in it's own back yard, before going to cooperate with Cary/Chapel Hill. Go to the NC Horse Council if you need facts & figures that prove the $6 billion dollars annually our horses bring into this state, by our breeders...but will be LOST, if carelessly left out of the planning process. The rates that NC and its counties are going and going towards catering to BIG Box developers, they will continue to "Char-Broil" the Horse well as Dairy Farms that are already teattering on toppling..then NC milk will be a costly import.

Wake up Chatham and "smell the manure" of our million dollar 4-legged babies that are being sold on todays show and race markets. Sure it's so much sweetier then spraying some sour sludged sewage onto Chatham's land, to service some Big Box Developments.

Chatham has other options that won't continue to take & leave after the GOODS are gone.

Going to Cary for a coopertive Land Use Plan IS a Prelude to selling out "NOW" and simply sucking up to see what costs our county is willing to absorb.

Absolutely we'll be very sorry

LATER when were looking at Bigger Bucks to cleanup the damaging run-off in this counties watersheds that will ultimately go into Jordon Lake. Seems some good horse sense should be "in" the planning board's barn and by all means DO NOT bartered away Chathams future not for ANY reasons or riches. Its ridiculous to crawl in bed with a Relentless Ravisher and Chatham needs to realize its resources will be rewarded by retaining its land and making it own "Choices" for it's Land Use, through sound & secured management plans..not Cary's.

Before taking that GIFT Horse for granted..Be forewarned a Renegade is can GRAB the reins & run, faster we can say Whow !!! Don't let land developers lead us into temptation and take Chatham on a Royal Ride to Ruins. Resist now, so we won't end up in a huge of nasty dung and don't continue this courtship with Cary's mule. Man makeith a big mistake if we doesn't get back to basics and embrace "Mother Nature" for nuturing our Golden Goose, if this county is seriously wanting to SAVE IT..don't give anyone a chance to PLUCK IT !!!

Food for thought, thankfully so from the many..Manure Mover's of American.

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