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Central Carolina Community College throws up roadblocks to registration

By Dedrah Earles
Posted Friday, May 22, 2009

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Pittsboro, NC - May I ask if anyone else has had problems with Central Carolina Community College. Three times, my daughter or I have tried to sign up for classes and three times it has been a not so pleasant experience.

It starts with telephone tag that can last up to three weeks before you finally get to talk to someone only to find out that you have the wrong someone. Then you start again with the right someone.Then there seems to be some presumption that you should already know what to do. When you ask questions for guidance they are not received very well or you are given incorrect or incomplete information. It now becomes a job to try to further your education or get one at all.

If you have to work a real job in the process you are really up the creek. You have to take time off and they don't have regular business hours that you can count on.

This last time really got me. After the usual telephone tag and meeting with the counselor my daughter was signed up for more than a full schedule for the summer. She goes to pay on Wednesday and is questioned as to why she signed up for so many classes. She was sent to the counselor. Her schedule was reduced to normal. She goes back to pay only to find that the check that her Church had written her was $13 over.

Will they give her change? "No."

A credit? "No."

Apply it toward her books? "No."

What can she do? "Go back and get the Church to write another check."

This wouldn't have been too much in the first place if the counselor had not signed her up for too many classes. So a trip to exchange checks with the correct amount and back on Friday (the last day to pay) after work and guess what, they close early on Friday (the last day to pay).

Mom goes for her on Monday to beg them to take a check so her daughter won't have to leave work. While apologies were given for not telling her on Wednesday that they close early on Friday they were far from sincere. They are even somewhat dry and sarcastic and the answer is "No, I will not take the check." She will have to come back on Wednesday and re-register between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (got times this time). My daughter works until 2 p.m.. She goes straight to school and finds that all the classes are full.

The whole summer is wasted. Time and gas already used with the various trips. The church is going to have to void yet another check and I could go on and on. It could be me, but I have to wonder how many people just give up and years later wish they would have pushed through?

Thanks for listening and I hope others don't experience this.

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