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Lets hear the positives on Morgan & Emerson

Posted Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Siler City, NC - I want to hear the actual, TANGIBLE positives about what Morgan and Emerson have accomplished since being in office. I don't know of any substantial ones, and have pretty much made up my mind that both of these gentlemen need to be held accountable for the condition they have this county in as well as the promises from the LAST election they ran in that they haven't followed through on.

Holland Gaines' $100 million business claim is a stretch if not flat out untrue. First, the company isn't even HERE yet, and second until I see the direct connection to Morgan & Emerson I don't think they had anything to do with it.

Lets hear the issues. Lets hear why Emerson and Morgan do not deserve to be held accountable for their failures. The Chatham Coalition is not running.
I disagree STRONGLY with much of what the Coalition members believe, but that's not going to stop me from holding two failures accountable for the poor job they did while in office.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. These two aren't going to fool me twice unless someone can uncover some mysterious positive movements they have made for this county while in office.

I voted for BOTH these men. I campaigned for Bunkey. Efrain Ramirez asked if those who did still felt it was the right call. My answer is yes. Why?

Accountability. Bunkey's predecessor had to be held accountable. Now Bunkey should be held accountable. If the voters of this county DON'T hold failure commissioners accountable, it will ALWAYS be an acceptance of the status quo. Some were happy with the preBunkey status quo. Some are happy with the Bunkey status quo. Neither governed this county as it deserved.
We don't need a super hero, we simply need someone who can make the right call despite what their friends, neighbors, and business interests have to say.

Regarding the Nettles and Lucier race, there REALLY is no competition. The only experience Nettles has in Chatham politics is that of manipulating the Democratic party. Lucier is more qualified and better suited to hold office, and there is no conceiveably logical reason to vote for Nettles over Lucier.

Again, please someone show some positives from Emerson & Morgan. I haven't seen a Bunkey supporter yet that could. The best they can do is point to the coalition. That's sad. FOUR years and no record to be proud enough of to discuss. Very very sad indeed.

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