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Bunkey's busy day

By Meg Miller
Posted Friday, February 11, 2005

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Mr. Morgan had a long day Monday, trying to put HIS agenda in place in Chatham County.

After the Monday morning BOC meeting, where he tried to change the impact fees that includes a ZERO implact fee for the Bennett/Bonlee area he attended the BOE meeting that night to propose "helping" build the school needed in Siler City using COPS (certificates of participation -- which have a slightly higher interest rate and do NOT require a vote from the taxpayers). He also offered to COPS to build a middle school on land HE had gotten from Briar's Chapel..."IF" it is approved.

A bond will be large, but it's need has been proven

Had this been done years ago, I could see the merit in the offer because COPS is seen as an alternative to a bond, NOT a supplement. We now have a bond that is only months away from going to the voters. It includes ALL the schools we need. If you build these two schools using COPS then where does the much needed HIGH SCHOOL money come from??

Will a bond pass that only includes a high school for the EAST and a few improvements at some other locations...maybe, maybe not. It's been shouted from the rafters for years that in order for a bond to pass in the county you have to offer something for everyone. So a whittled down bond is a risk.

With the fifth and sixth mobile unit going to Northwood next year, that's not a risk we should take, in my opinion.

Many people have worked long and hard to try to present a BOND that will needs of all the areas of the county, not the least of which is the new BOE.

Yes, the bond will be large, but it's need has been proven.

So, in one week Bunkey offers ZERO impact fees to the Southwest corner AND proposes to build the much needed Siler City school with COPS. He's the golden boy....doing what the BOE hasn't been able to pull together for Siler in the four years that they've needed a school.

CAN WE SAY RE ELECTION???? Come two years from now, when he will have NO support in the EAST he will be counting on the WEST to put him back in power.

Yes, this is my humble opinion, but I can come up with no other reason that he would pull COPS out of thin air just months before we have a bond ready.

Let's hope the Board of Education stays the course and offers the citizens of Chatham the bond in a referendum. Otherwise Bunkey borrows tens of millions of dollars for his agenda.

PS. At the BOE meeting the Monday night, Mr. Morgan seemed unconvinced that the county needs another high school. I invite him to Northwood at lunch time if he needs convincing. I also asked about redistricting some of Northwood students down to Central, but
the BOE feels like that isn't feasable due to meandering roads in the area.

Jordan Matthews cannot be expanded and is a working capacity.

Morgan and the BOC have rubber stamped every developement that has come in front of them, so how can he not see we need at high school??? He asked the BOE to "convince him" and he would support it. I guess building a high school in the fastest growing area of the county wouldn't win him any votes in 06.

The other "no growth" (Morgan's words) area of the county is served by TWO high the math, Bunkey.

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Bunkey's busy day
Chatham County Commissioner Bunkey Morgan

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