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Best Buddies Companion Rescue & Adoption stands by it's decision

By BBCRA's Board of Directors
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - For those who are interested in the reasons that the stray dog, Shelby, was not returned to her previous home, here is the letter to Ms. Terll from the Board of Best Buddies Companion Rescue & Adoption:


"Dear Liza,

After careful consideration and deliberation, BBCRA's Board of Directors has reached a decision regarding the adoption of the foster dog known to you as "Shelby". Shelby was housed in the Chatham County Animal Shelter for seven days, after which ownership was legally transferred to the care of BBCRA, Inc.

Shelby will be placed in an adoptive home that meets all of BBCRA's adoption requirements. She will not be returned to your custody. This decision is based on our adoption criteria and other factors including, but not limited to, the following.

1. BBCRA requires that an adopted dog be treated as a treasured member of the family. After Shelby disappeared, your family made no serious attempt to locate her. Rather, you assumed, without cause, that Shelby was killed by a coyote. According to our information, no one inquired of the county animal shelter and local veterinarians. No lost animal posters were placed. No one seemed to make any real effort to search for Shelby.

2. BBCRA requires that adopted dogs not be housed outside. Among other things, this means that dogs will not be loose or unattended outdoors when owners are not at home, and they not be housed in garages, doghouses, or any type of outbuildings. Shelby was apparently left outside and unattended as a routine matter. BBCRA has no assurance from you that such would not be the case in the future.

3. BBCRA requires that adopted dogs, at all times, wear secure collars or harnesses with identification tags. A leash is required when a dog is in a public area or any other place or time that requires control to keep the dog safe from vehicles and other dogs or dangers. You admitted to BBCRA that Shelby was not collared before she became lost. There was no collar or identification on Shelby when she was brought to the county shelter. BBCRA has no assurance that you would provide a collar and identification in the future and no assurance that Shelby would be kept safe when outdoors.

4. All dogs fostered by BBCRA are vaccinated, sterilized, de-wormed, placed on heartworm prevention and microchipped. Shelby received all of these services as soon as possible after BBCRA received her. The fact that Shelby was not spayed is an especially serious matter to BBCRA. It has been estimated that over six million dogs and cats are euthanized annually because they are homeless and unwanted due to animal overpopulation.

5. BBCRA adopters must agree to provide routine and emergency care, including annual examinations, necessary vaccinations, de-worming if necessary, heartworm checks, heatworm prevention and other care as directed by a veterinarian. There were no veterinary records offered or provided, and no assurance given that Shelby would receive the required veterinary care in the future. Note, Shelby tested positive and was treated for E. Canis (Canine Erlichiosis), a tick borne disease that can be fatal if left untreated.

6. BBCRA is operated entirely on a non-profit basis. All members are volunteers. The Organization requires that adopters reimburse it for the expenses of rescue, rehabilitation and vet care. The fee enables BBCRA to recoup the money spent on each dog and continue helping other dogs. It believes that families that cannot afford BBCRA's adoption fee are unlikely to afford the proper care of the dog throughout its lifetime. When you were told that BBCRA's expenses would exceed $200.00, you complained and indicated that this would present a hardship to your family. While BBCRA understands that $200.00 is a lot of money to many families, it also suggests that animals in such families will not receive the care and treatment that BBCRA requires of its adopters.

Finally, your reaction to BBCRA, rather than relief and consideration that Shelby was rescued and cared for, seems inconsistent with your now professed love of the animal. For all of these reasons, BBCRA believes it is in the best interest of Shelby to re-home her into an adoptive family that is able and willing to comply with BBCRA's adoption criteria and contract.

The BBCRA Board of Directors"


Given the circumstances outlined in the above letter to Ms. Terll, we, as a 501(c)3 animal rescue organization could not in good conscience place Shelby back into her former home. As a rescue group, our responsibility is to the animals, and to place them in homes in which their needs will be provided for.

We do not feel that the Chatlist is an appropriate forum for further discussion of this matter. If you have any questions about this situation, we will be happy to address them. You may email us at

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