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It disturbs me that Shelby has not been returned

By Rhonda K.
Posted Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - Being an animal lover myself, this disturbs me to know that Shelby has not been returned to her rightful owner. In the past three months I have rescued two dogs myself and have to admit that it has been a very difficult choice for me because I want to take every one of those precious animals and bring them home to a loving environment. But that just isn't humanly possible.

There are so many dogs/cats out there that do need homes and do need to be placed into a rescue facility and saved from being euthanized. I know that rescue groups can only care for so many animals at a time so why not give this poor dog back to it's owners and place a dog from the local shelter in it's place and save it's life? I would love to be able to foster dogs in my home, but my schedule doesn't permit that at this time. But I do know it's something I aim for in the future. And I have many friends that feel the same way.

Have you ever went into our local shelters and just spent time with those precious animals? They didnt ask to be put there and I agree that some of them are better off there than with their owners if they are malnourished or beaten.

The boxer we rescued back in October was so thin and all you could see was her ribs. It was heartbreaking. But now you see a healthy, well loved and confident pup. Twenty pounds heavier and full of vigor. We lost our precious Roxy back in October suddenly, who was also a rescue dog. She would bite through her leash from her previous owner's because they just left her tied up all the time and she would run to our home. We confronted the owners (kindly) and they willingly admitted that they couldn't give her the time or attention she needed and surrendered her to us. She was a changed dog and one of my best friends. Everyone in our neighborhood noticed the difference in her. There is not a day that goes by that I do not grieve the loss of her and would do anything to have her back. And I am sure that this family is grieving the loss of their Shelby. Especially since they know she is alive and they are unable to care for her and she is unable to be loved by them.

I do not agree with the decision not to return this pet to it's owners. I just think it's a prideful thing and many excuses have evolved in this. Unless there is physical proof that this dog has been abused in some way then I do not see why it cannot be surrendered back into the owner's care. Give this precious animal back to those that love her. There are plenty of beautiful animals at the local shelters to pull and care for. It upsets me that these innocent animals that only want love and families have to die the painful death that they endure anyhow. Think of all the precious time you are wasting focusing on tearing this family apart when you could be making another family happy by helping another dog. You could be saving a life! Isn't that what rescue groups are supppose to do?

As far as having the dogs outside, I allow my dogs to go outside for a few hours a day in our backyard pen so they can run and enjoy the fresh air. I have things that I need to get done around the house and it's hard to with them always under my feet. And they need time alone to play as well. That's how they bond and become independent. Of course, mine aren't unattended or left for unreasonable amounts of time. I'm always at home with them, but I'd rather have them outside taking out their frustrations and burning energy than eating my furniture or something.

We have to treat our animals the way that we would want to be treated and that we would treat our children. My pets to me ARE my children just as much as the three children I gave birth too. In Genesis it says God created the animals for man to take care of and to love and protect. My plea is that Shelby be returned to this family so that they can put their lives back together and give her the love that she deserves. It's hard to tell how confused that poor girl is right now. She misses her family as well I am sure so do the right thing and return her. And just so you know, I have never met this family nor do I know anything about them.

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