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The battle is on for "our world"

By Vance Remick
Posted Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - For those of you who know me you know that I am not good with words (especially written) or e-mail or even communication for that matter but I do, like all of you, care about Chatham County and the plight of "our world". My concern began with the tearing down of the old bridge in 15-501 over the Haw River. What a view (now lost) of the dam as I went to work in the morning It seemed as though the river was talking to me about its well being every time I reached that passing moment of communication as I drove over that tired old bridge.

Don't get me wrong, I know things have to change and that change is inevitable around here. I know people have great concerns and a real feeling of loss about the changes in the General Store Café (my own growing changing baby). It seems that the beginning of my concern was the bridge and the culmination was the opening of the new Lowe's.

Please don't take this wrong, I am not putting out a call to boycott Lowe's by any means In fact, I have already frequented them in the last two days and appreciate their convenience and willingness to work with and be a partner with the community (especially their support for Habitat for Humanity and other worth while community causes).

So what is this letter about you may ask?

Well, I am a man of basics and when things get too complicated I tend to retreat back to ponder and reflect before I strike out again with renewed vigor. You all must admit that things are getting more complicated here in Chatham County these days and will be getting even more complicated in the near future. We are lucky to have new people stepping forward politically to do their part to try to help and I thank them for that.

For my two cents worth I feel that we need to take a little step back, reflect and focus. Our national park service has been doing that for many years by trying to conserve land for its beauty and history. This helps us to better understand what was, so we can all have a better reference place for our image of what we hope is to be. We need that here in Chatham County and I would hope that Pretty Little Pittsboro could be exactly that. It is for that reason that I continue to try to focus on our own National Treasure i.e. our own "Worlds Largest" (so named by me) Holly Tree and the beginnings of the smallest Holly Tree Park in the World right here in prettylittle Pittsboro.

I hope this park could represent that place and time when and where we all can go get a new focus on what Pittsboro and Chatham County could really be. The Holly Tree will tell you, if you just spend a moment or two beneath her loving old arms. I was under there a couple of nights ago and she told me she could use a little help. Her leaves are curled and dry and I am afraid that if we don't pay attention to her now we will lose this battle and if we lose her we will lose the overall battle for the life of the town and ultimately our county.

We at the General Store have now secured a long lease and along with the future of the GSC we ponder the future of the Holly Tree in our new parking lot. We are planning to put up a park in our parking lot. Not big, in fact we are touting it as the world's smallest park, a park in which we hope to help enhance the life of our friend, the Holly Tree. This began with a few plantings around the tree and will continue with new pavers to help get much needed water to the roots, picnic table and maybe even a chair or two for all to enjoy their food and communion with the Tree. We will be planning a dedication and celebration event soon so stay tuned for the beginning of our future here in pretty little Pittsboro in the County of Chatham in the Heart of North Carolina.

Where else would you rather be?

Warm Greetings from your Holly tree hugger Vance

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The battle is on for "our world"
The holly tree across the street from the Pittsboro General Store.

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