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All symbolism and no substance

By Ken Harris
Posted Friday, February 25, 2005

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Just a quick response to Mr. Houk.

First I would like to thank Mr. Houk for equating me with being a party leader. It is flattering but yet I am not. Active yes, but not yet have I climbed to the top of that political juggernaut (figured I'd throw a little German in there to accomodate the WWII reference and the recent phrasology dujour of the left to refer to us Repubs. as Hitler) called THE CHATHAM COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY. I, as Mike Cross should be, am sleeping well...with a straight face.

The party with which you gripe is the party which has made all the rules here for over a century.

Not once did I say Briar Chapel was the end all model for development in Chatham. I do happen to think they presented a good plan. I have researched some of their other properties and almost 100% of the responses were positive to what Newland brought as well as what they left. I did say that the development should have been voted for due to its having put forth a plan that takes into account and adheres to current laws and regulations. Based on that was Mike to offer a SYMBOLIC no vote to apease you? Did you want to wait two more years so the Coalition could "buy" another couple of spots on the board. I'm proud they did not buy Mike Cross. He did his duty rather than an empty vote based solely on emotion rather than statute.

If you want to see a change in this county why don't you try something different for a change. VOTE REPUBLICAN. See, all the bellyaching going on regarding the state of the Board of Commisioners and development votes has me confused. My guess would be George W. didn't get Mr. Houk's vote or anyone else's who has castigated Mike Cross and the "evil three" the last couple of days. My guess would be you are all Democrats.

But now, you guess what this BOC has in common with all the naysayers? They are all democrats too as has been every other BOC member in this county for the last 150 years except for ONE (thank you Mr. John Grimes). The party with which you gripe is the party which has made all the rules here for over a century. The party with which you gripe has appointed every board member and had practically the county's history worth of local statute and regulatory items float through its hallowed halls. You are barking at yourself in the mirror.

Now I know you're going to say that Bunkey and Carl and Tommy are really Republicans in democrat clothing. But why couldn't Margaret and Gary and your new posterboy for empty votes Atwater make Briar Chapel go away when they held the board for far too long? I'll tell you why. They could not base it on law and regulation so their only hope was to delay. They delay and hope that they will find that Board member that bows to the pressure and gives the vote, not based on legal statute but rather by an empty, symbolic, arrogant gesture. All symbolism and no substance.

And Mr. Houk was not surprised to find a member of the "Republican Party Leadership" (thanks again, I'm blushing) thinking Briar Chapel is a "good thing", I think it is fair to note that I am not surprised to see a member of the "Orange County Wannabee Left" think that the "middle of Chatham County" is at 15-501 and Mays Chapel Roadd.

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