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Adios, ghost bus

By Meg Miller
Posted Monday, January 10, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - I didn't vote for these new commissioners and I'm afraid of the Tea Party zealots. However, if I ride by that empty darn bus from Chapel Hill to Pittsboro one more time, I may change my affiliation. If they can reasonable cut spending, then I say let's give them a chance. Hands off the schools because they are just starting to get where they need to be after years of stagnation.

I think the bus is matching funds from somewhere but the need we feel to take advantage of matching funds is like buying something on sale that you don't need. You're still spending money pointlessly.

Goodbye empty bus. I commute to Chapel Hill twice a day and see this bus all this time and have NEVER seen more than two people on it and most of the time is was empty of riders. Plus I have to speed to catch up with the thing just to look on it to count the non existent riders.

I'm not of fan of Chapel Hill transit bus drivers because they do speed and run lights. I have almost been hit twice at the same intersection in Chapel Hill by buses running red lights. Every time I see this bus between Chapel Hill and the north Chatham Park N Ride it is doing at least ten miles over the speed limit. Just another reason to say adios, autobus.

The other cuts I can't comment on except to say that if one teaching position is saved by cutting something like the obesity director, then that's a price worth paying. I'm married to a state worker and know second hand that there's plenty of fat to be cut out there and you don't need an obesity director to find it. Pun intended

Signed a Democrat who is sick of waste

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Adios, ghost bus

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