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A resident's view of Pittsboro's water woes

By Linda Allred Cooper
Posted Thursday, January 22, 2004

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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 17:47:26

I heard about Pittsboro's water problems while grocery shopping in Foodlion (Pittsboro) Wednesday evening. Many people were in there buying bottled water and talking about the notices they had received earlier in the day. So I bought some bottled water and hurried home expecting to find a notice on my front door too. (I live on Oakwood Drive, within the city limits of Pittsboro.)

However, no notice on my door. So, I went to my next door neighbor's house. They hadn't received a notice either. We called a neighbor across the street. She hadn't received a notice either.

Town officials and employees should not lie to town residents.

We called the Mayor's home. No answer, just an answering machine.

So, we called the Pittsboro Water Plant. The man who answered told me there was nothing wrong with the water. Matter of fact, he said that he was drinking a glass of water at that very moment. It was perfectly safe. Nothing to worry about.

So, I decided that surely this man, working at the water plant, would know what he was talking about and wrote off the hysteria in Food Lion as a rumor gone wild.

Much to my surprise, on the 10pm news tonight is a report about how Pittsboro residents should NOT DRINK THE WATER!! E-coli has been detected. Boil the water before drinking it. Boil the water before washing fruits or vegetables.

I had an apple for supper - washed in Pittsboro Town water a few days ago. Let me tell you - if I get sick...............well, let's just say that the man at the Pittsboro Water Plant who lied to me had better pray that I am not able to drive while sick because I fully intend to throw up all over him and that glass of water he swore he was drinking.

Town officials and employees SHOULD NOT LIE to town residents about something so important!!!!!

Yes, I will be at Town Hall tomorrow morning to make an official complaint.

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 03:12:18

I just spoke to Pittsboro Mayor, Nancy May, about Pittsboro's water problems. Mrs. May told me that random water samples are taken at a wide variety of places around town on a regular basis. Last Friday, one of the water samples did test positive for e-coli bacteria. Immediately after seeing the positive results, another sample of water was tested (by a different person) at the exact same site and the results were negative.

Mrs. May said that ALL water samples taken since then have tested NEGATIVE for E-coli bacteria.

She believes that the person who took the first sample may have had "dirty hands" or the test tube may have been dirty or contaminated, resulting in the positive test results. This must be what happened since all test results since then have come back negative.

So, Pittsboro's town water supply is safe to drink. However, by state law, the Town of Pittsboro is required to notify all residents and water customers about the test results and advise us to "boil the water" until further notice. They had to notify us even though the most likely scenario was the first water test was done by someone who hadn't washed his hands appropriately.

The water is safe to drink.

This just goes to show you that our mothers were always right to make sure to remind us to wash our hands after we used the restroom. It cuts down on the potential of transmitting bacteria via "dirty hands".

Don't know if I will be in any big hurry to shake any Pittsboro employee's hand in the near future :)


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A resident's view of Pittsboro's water woes

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