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Unrealized enforcement

By Mark Stinson
Posted Thursday, March 30, 2006

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Siler City, NC - I made a comment some time back I will gladly eat now.

I made the comment I wouldn't partake in political tom foolery again. I have decided to speak my peace from a one on one experience with one of the current candidates for office in this county.

My daddy used a term once that stuck with me. He said some people have no back bone and others that have an agenda are enablers. He said the enablers would easily manipulate the spineless that couldn't decide where they stood or if they really stood for something at all. Enablers are more than manipulators supplying their own needs by manipulating others they also leverage good people standing for what's right by giving the illusion they agree with the good persons cause to gain that persons support.

Enablers are just that, they enable corruption, deceit, fuel manipulation and self gratification all while creating a cloud around others that are trying to do right. My daddy also stated all Christians would in time develop a discerning spirit to help them see through ones deceptions. It took me many years an a lot of bad decisions to get to a point where I could quiet my mind and listen to what my heart told me . With all this said make up your own mind after reading the following.

Several months after the last election I was approached by another parent concerned about drugs being sold at school and the fact nothing had been done to stop it. I personally was aware of a family being destroyed by drugs purchased from this young drug dealer. I watched on and off for a few weeks gathering information and other parents that were witnessing the same thing with kids getting caught with drugs at home. I had a cell phone number, license plate and vehicle description including the drug route. I also had a general idea where some of the drugs came from.

I was in Wal Mart with my two boys when I ran into Richard Webster in the home and garden department. He was talking to some people and giving me the impression he was still politicking after he already won. I waited till the group dispersed and pulled him aside explaining the situation. I gave him a piece of paper with the cell number, plate number and told him what I knew.

He admitted he was aware of this individual selling drugs and that person had been arrested before. He said they were watching him but really couldn't do much till they caught him in the act. I gave him enough information to do just that.

It's been some time since that conversation and the person and the orginazation he was part of I mentioned to him has continued to sell drugs by means of a very well conceived purchase and deployment plan.

Simply put he has kids that he provides money and drugs to for payment for their collecting payments in school for his drugs they help him sell. After the money is collected he makes drops around the county to kids that in turn deliver the drugs. The plan keeps the drugs out of the schools while running a thriving business. The law enforcement in place in the schools are simply clueless to the operation that's running flawlessly under their noses.

The main dealer responsible for selling this enterprising young man drugs just received a shipment of over 4500 OXY Contin tablets a week or so back. He is selling them for $10 a pop along with other drugs like Viagra, Percaset, Crystal Meth and weed.

This same person has been involved in the theft of four-wheelers, lawn mowers, dirt bikes and other easily sold items in Alamance and Chatham Counties. The organization in place was in place before Richard took office and since has tipped off the sheriff's office to others trying to sell drugs in this county.

It's a simple way to eliminate the competition, keep the law off your back and keep the sheriff's department looking good in the public's eye. The average John Q public sees arrest made of Mexicans and other transient drug dealers and assumes our Sheriff's department is kicking serious butt locking up thugs when in effect the major drug organizations are thriving in this county unaffected by the current law office.

I want you to consider this when voting or our next Sheriff.

It's my opinion Richard has the tools to do serious law enforcement but doesn't know how to fully utilize them.

I intend to vote for someone who does.

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