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Freaky FridayFreaky Friday
[Mar. 28, 2006] I took my daughter to the dermatologist Friday . Our van spit the transmission out at the intersect of MT Carmel and 15-501 at Chapel Hill . I wasn't happy and called a long time friend at Downtown Automotive in Siler City to come get me and my daughter . He came with his truck and brought us home in a very timely manner and at a very reasonable price . By Mark Stinson
Measurement of a little sister’s potentialMeasurement of a little sister’s potential
[Mar. 10, 2006] Some of Chatham County’s greatest potential assets are realized through our children. I don’t like the fact certain guidance counselors think they can judge a child's potential to make their future far more complicated or pave an easy pathway to college just because they had a whim of like or dislike toward that child. Being in a person's chosen few shouldn’t determine the direction a child takes toward their adult career path. By Mark Stinson
Little boysLittle boys
[Jan. 18, 2006] Once, a little boy grew and most everything he saw he learned to draw. His fascination with drawing and capturing the moment gets him noticed later in life. He goes on to become involved with a group of very talented people all intent on learning new things and exploring new possibilities. His eye for detail got the attention of his superiors. He was asked to draw what he envisioned their projects would look like. Larry’s work was well known throughout the group he was involved with. By Mark Stinson
Fifty cent miracleFifty cent miracle
[Dec. 30, 2005] Have you ever looked at fifty cents and thought "this ain't much?" I guess two quarters doesn’t seem to be a great fortune but it can be depending on your certain point of view. Thursday, December 29th and I had exactly fifty cents to my name. By Mark Stinson
The Citizen's College: How government worksThe Citizen's College: How government works
[Sep. 11, 2005] Over the the past two years, CCEC - INSTITUTE, Inc. and several other citizen formed groups have become aware of the lack of knowledge and understanding that most residents of Chatham County and its three towns - Goldston, Pittsboro, Siler City - have about their own governments. The paucity of knowledge seems to stem from several things: little county wide information on a regular basis in varied media form; significant size of the county; "the east west divide", etc. By rita spina
State finds violations at Chapel Ridge golf course developmentState finds violations at Chapel Ridge golf course development
[Aug. 16, 2005] After months of outcry from citizens who have watched beautiful creeks in the rural forests of Chatham County turn brown from mud coming off of the Chapel Ridge construction site, we have been told that the state Division of Land Quality and Division of Water Quality have found violations of the sediment erosion controls and will ssue "Notice of Violations". The two creeks- Dry Creek and Brooks Creek - that are being impacted by the project both flow to the Haw River and then to Jordan Lake, where the state is working on new rules to reduce pollution. By Haw River Assembly
Another mini-Briar Chapel for PittsboroAnother mini-Briar Chapel for Pittsboro
[Aug. 1, 2005] The Town of Pittsboro has scheduled a public hearing for its Monday August 8th meeting, 7pm on rezoning a 96.8 acre tract to MUPD -- Mixed Use Planning District (more on that below) to allow a very high density residential development with a tiny "village center" of shops and offices. The project is unnamed in the documents I obtained from the Pittsboro planner's office so for shorthand I will refer to it as Pittsboro West. By Liz Cullington
Initial meeting about potential Wal-Mart was a successInitial meeting about potential Wal-Mart was a success
[Aug. 1, 2005] The informational pro and con meeting held at Dockside Restaurant on Thursday, July 28th regarding a potential Wal Mart in northeast Chatham was a success for the approximately 200 people who attended. By Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities
Also: Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities
1% LTF Project Support1% LTF Project Support
[Mar. 17, 2005] At our legislator meeting, Monday 3/14/05 Bob and Joe said they would "test the water" and get back to us in 2 or 3 weeks. It's time to go to work! We must give them some "test water". Nancy is sending the 4 page 1% LTF paper under the cover letter (below) to individual legislators (170), surrounding county Home Builder Assocs., NC HBA and the NC Realtors Assoc. By Mike Cross
Chatham County capital improvements vs. fundingChatham County capital improvements vs. funding
[Mar. 15, 2005] Chatham County faces a very unique and troublesome growth situation! We’re not talking about a town within a county growing itself at a responsible rate while providing infrastructure, jobs and services for it’s citizens. We’re talking about an ill prepared county within the “Greater Triangle” about to be run over by residential development. No one knows exactly what our future holds, but it is most important that we be allowed options to generate the revenue necessary to address this situation and to do the best possible job for our current citizens, newcomers, and the Triangle. By Mike Cross
Also: Mike Cross' Weblog
Tentative proposal would change impact feesTentative proposal would change impact fees
[Feb. 15, 2005] A proposed motion to change the Educational Facilities Impact Fee Ordinance was brought up at the Board of Commissioners meeting on February 7,2005. The motion did not receive a second and Commissioner Barnes requested more time to study the proposal. Such a proposal raises some issues in our minds. By Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities
Also: Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities
Chatham County Development WatchChatham County Development Watch
[Feb. 14, 2005] While CCEC does not stand in opposition to the development of briar Chapel, we wish to advocate for the best possible design of this, the first Compact Community in Chatham County, in order to mitigate any adverse fiscal, environmental and traffic impacts while maintaining the quality of life desired by the citizens of the County. We believe that Newland Communities has worked diligently to improve on the original proposal presented in advance of the Compact Communities Ordinance. However there are yet improvements to be made. At the conclusion of the Public Hearings, CCEC presented written requests and recommendations for improvements in the Newland proposal. See a rundown of current large developments planned for Chatahm County. By Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities
Also: Chatham Citizens for Effective Communities
Chatham Coalition objections prevent major impact fee changeChatham Coalition objections prevent major impact fee change
[Feb. 9, 2005] Objections raised by a spokesperson for the Chatham Coalition helped prevent County Commissioner chair Bunkey Morgan on Monday from pushing through a proposed major change in school impact fees without public notice or a public hearing. The proposed change would raise school impact fees on new residences in the northeastern part of the county, including Pittsboro to $4,000 while at the same time eliminating all such fees in the southwest. Impact fees in the northwestern part of the county, including Siler City, were to be raised to $2,500, while those in the Moncure area would be lowered to $1,400. Currently, the impact fee across the county is unified at $1,500 for each new house constructed. By Jeffrey Starkweather
Also: Chatham Coalition
Commisioner Mike Cross starts a weblogCommisioner Mike Cross starts a weblog
[Jan. 18, 2005] Commissioner Mike Cross ran on a platform of keeping citizens informed and involved. As part of his commitment to keep us informed, Commissioner Cross has started a weblog in which he gives his experiences and impressions as a county commissioner. in some cases, he will also be using the web log to explain his thinking and reasoning behind votes and actions that he takes as a commissioner. By Mike Fox
Also: Mike Cross Weblog
Pearl Harbor Day 2004Pearl Harbor Day 2004
[Dec. 7, 2004] The day after the devastating Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt addressed the Congress with his eloquent speech requesting a declaration of war. The clarity of his words remains bracing, even 63 years after the horrible day:
Yesterday, Dec. 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

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