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"We are Virginia Tech""We are Virginia Tech"
[Apr. 18, 2007] A poet's words silenced the room on a topic that silenced the nation. Famous poet Nikki Giovanni was at Tuesday’s Virginia Tech memorial service helping soothe the hearts of a university community and a nation coming to grips with the deadliest mass shooting in modern history.
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BOE member responds about Northwood track concernsBOE member responds about Northwood track concerns
[Mar. 30, 2007] Both my daughters ran track at Jordan-Matthews and I have argued for new tracks since my oldest was a freshman (she is now a senior at UNC). All three high schools have tracks that are pretty much in the same condition and none can host conference meets. No other schools in either conference still have asphalt tracks and they aren't used in conference meets because they lead to more injuries to runners.
My husband, my hero, the flying squirrel catcher - Part IIMy husband, my hero, the flying squirrel catcher - Part II
[Mar. 23, 2007] Does anyone have an owl I can borrow or possibly a really hungry feral cat? Five just wasn't my lucky number. There had to be additional varmints for only one evening of mayhem in my household didn't hold true to my previous fate with unwanted critters, and I knew it. By Monica Howell
4-H changed my life4-H changed my life
[Mar. 23, 2007] I want to chime in about 4-H. My participation in 4-H, from elementary school age into college, quite literally changed my life, and also brought my family closer together. My sister was just as involved, and both my parents were leaders. I had dozens of projects and, as a suburban kid, not a single animal except for our dog. By Duncan Murrell
Metal detectors to be placed at Perry Harrison?Metal detectors to be placed at Perry Harrison?
[Mar. 16, 2007] Unfortunately, it seems that even in our one rural community we can not protect our elementary school children from potential violence. Is the school administration's lax attitude towards handing out punishment going to lead to more unfortunate events in the future?
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Power me upPower me up
[Mar. 12, 2007] I have started back on making the house more energy efficient and my truck . The shop truck made it to a sustained mileage of 22.4 from 13 . I feel I got all I could from a 35 year old 4000 truck with 250,000 miles on the engine . By Mark Stinson
Blogs and dogs - what’s the protest?
[Mar. 9, 2007] Someone who is already convinced of the merits of public relations engaging in blogosphere is my dad - not by any means a PR expert. In fact, everything he knows is gained from my Green Banana blog. As a result, he emailed me a link identifying a good example of an organization practising poor online PR. By Heather Yaxley
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Governor Easley wants lottery money divertedGovernor Easley wants lottery money diverted
[Mar. 2, 2007] One year after the passage of North Carolina’s lottery, Governor Easley wants to reduce the percentage of lottery proceeds going to education. Now he has announced plans to redirect lottery funds for school construction and need based scholarships to his pet pre-school program, More at Four. School construction statewide would receive $43 million less than anticipated and, although no lottery scholarships have been handed out yet, $10 million would be diverted from the scholarship program.
My husband, my hero, the flying squirrel catcherMy husband, my hero, the flying squirrel catcher
[Feb. 22, 2007] So my husband and I have had this annoying, never ending issue with flying creatures in our home since we moved in. The first flying creature happened to be a bat. Not an easy task to capture a bat, my landlord suggested I use a jar; she obviously has never tried to capture a bat before. Thanks to my neighbor that creature is history. By Monica Howell
Opening up school businessOpening up school business
[Jan. 11, 2007] During the past month I have been able to personally visit five of our schools. The teachers and staff continue to be impressive because of their dedication and hard work but certain conditions in two of them are less than impressive. More about that later. By Gerald Totten
NAACP holds fast to Dr. King’s dreamNAACP holds fast to Dr. King’s dream
[Jan. 8, 2007] The NAACP, the oldest and most influential civil rights organization for African-Americans and other peoples of color worldwide, plans to launch a massive NAACP membership and voter registration drive beginning January 13, 2007 at the organization’s annual banquet. “It is time we honor Dr. King’s dream in a more tangible way,” noted Larry Brooks, President of the Western Chatham Chapter of the NAACP.” By Delcenia Turner
Growing painsGrowing pains
[Aug. 27, 2006] I have been sitting quietly watching the developments of late. I have listened to many comments about commissioners and the obvious run they are making to get all they can before getting booted out. I listened to one person talk about the tax situation and how development is hurting him in particular. He wasn't mad he was hurt. This is a point people don't need to get to. By Mark Stinson
[Aug. 15, 2006] Saturday morning I was sitting on my porch swing drinking coffee as I do every morning. It's a daily ritual I do to get my thoughts clear and plan the day. I was discussing the days activities with my eldest son and across the yard in the rain wandered the nastiest mutt you ever saw. By Mark Stinson
Spinning the wheels of bureaucracySpinning the wheels of bureaucracy
[Jun. 26, 2006] It's the bane of your existence if you've ever had to call any large organization: getting put on hold. In that moment, you experience an overwhelming sense of frustration and helplessness. The decision to wait another minute for the cheesy elevator music to be broken by an actual human voice, or to merely hang up the phone is left hanging over your head. In short, it is a huge inconvenience. By Jon Lorbacher
Unrealized enforcement
[Mar. 30, 2006] I made a comment some time back I will gladly eat now. I made the comment I wouldn't partake in political tom foolery again. I have decided to speak my peace from a one on one experience with one of the current candidates for office in this county. By Mark Stinson

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