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Taxpayers foot 99% of the Pittsboro Express costTaxpayers foot 99% of the Pittsboro Express cost
[Jan. 24, 2011] Why did the Board of Commissioners decide not to continue funding the Pittsboro Express Bus after the current contract runs out? Let’s look at some background and numbers. By Donna Kelly
No real need for a Sustainable Communities director position in Chatham County
[Jan. 17, 2011] We keep hearing now that the Sustainable Communities director position was created to promote efficiencies and reduce redundancies in county government departments. How about we look at the minutes of some of the BOC meetings when the position was being created to see what the BOC was saying at the time? By Donna Kelly
Civitas releases poll results for the NC House District 54 raceCivitas releases poll results for the NC House District 54 race
[Aug. 19, 2010] A recent poll of 350 voters in NC House District 54 revealed some interesting trends. The seat has been a Democratic stronghold for thirty years by one individual, Rep. Joe Hackney. There was little concern regarding the seat in 2008 as Mr. Hackney enjoyed a 70% approval rating as well as a budget surplus. However, times have significantly changed. Mr. Hackney, along with Governor Beverly Perdue and Senator Marc Basnight, have rubberstamped the largest deficit in North Carolina history. This has caused Mr. Hackney’s approval rating to drop 19 points. The other difference this time is the emergence of a serious and legitimate contender for his seat in Republican candidate, Cathy Wright.
64 known JournoListas
[Jul. 24, 2010] JournoList was a private Google Groups forum for discussing politics and the news media with 400 journalists, academics and others, most with left of center political views. A Free Republic poster compiled this list of known members of the Journolist. The following 64 names are confirmed members of the now-defunct JournoList listserv.
Judicial Watch's releases 2009 list of Washington's "Ten most wanted corrupt politicians"Judicial Watch's releases 2009 list of Washington's "Ten most wanted corrupt politicians"
[Feb. 3, 2010] Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, released its 2009 list of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians."
A Closer Look: The political lynching of Harry ReidA Closer Look: The political lynching of Harry Reid
[Jan. 16, 2010] When Barack Obama was neck-in-neck with Hillary Clinton racing for the Democratic nomination for president, one of his earliest supporters, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada said in a private conversation that Obama could win the presidency. One of his reasons was that Obama was “light skinned” and "with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one." By Wallace Kaufman
$300 million of wasteful spending in North Carolina's 2009-10 budget$300 million of wasteful spending in North Carolina's 2009-10 budget
[Aug. 13, 2009] In spite of House Speaker Joe Hackney’s (D-Orange) bold statement that “there is no pork in this budget,” the Civitas Institute has identified nearly $300 million in questionable appropriations for the fiscal year 2009-10 state budget. By Chris Hayes
Ride for the Land comes to Chatham County on July 11
[Jul. 4, 2009] Triangle Land Conservancy's annual bicycle tour, Ride for the Land, comes to Chatham County on July 11. This year Ride for the Land highlights TLC's work to conserve Chatham's beautiful farms, which is why we subtitled this year's ride the "Freewheeling Farmland Frolic." By Doug Nicholas
Beware of free ice creamBeware of free ice cream
[Aug. 24, 2008] A company called Southeast Community Care called and wanted to serve ice cream at both our senior centers. Said they work with seniors, etc. Southeast Community Care sounds friendly enough, right? By Angel Dennison
Voters overwhelmingly reject local tax hikesVoters overwhelmingly reject local tax hikes
[May 9, 2008] Sixty-six percent of North Carolina voters rejected local tax increases Tuesday, sending 22 of 24 proposed tax hikes to defeat. Those results send a message that local governments should avoid pursuing sales and land-transfer tax increases in the future, said John Locke Foundation President John Hood.
A great teacherA great teacher
[Apr. 7, 2008] A Great Teacher is one who has the disposition that can teach every child to reach their potential and believes that every child has interests and talents that can be developed to reach greatness. By Margaret Evans Gayle
Elon University Poll: Land transfer taxes lack supportElon University Poll: Land transfer taxes lack support
[Oct. 3, 2007] Sixty-seven percent of North Carolinians oppose proposals for land transfer taxes as a way for local governments to raise money, according to results from the latest Elon University Poll, which comes as voters in more than a dozen counties across the state consider such a measure on ballots this fall.
Biodiesel damnfooleryBiodiesel damnfoolery
[Jul. 19, 2007] I watched the news last night and the greed and stupidity of some people never fails to amaze me especially on a city level. I am referring to the idiots in High Point that effectively shut down a biodiesel refinery and distribution business the ran safely and profitably since 2004 supplying good economical and environmentally safe fuel till last week. I feel someone responsible for the mess needs a size 14 boot stuck up their, umm, neither regions. By Mark Stinson
Townsends workers focus on wage and hour irregularitiesTownsends workers focus on wage and hour irregularities
[Apr. 30, 2007] Townsends workers fighting for better conditions at Siler City and Pittsboro plants have begun investigating widespread worker claims of underpayment for time worked and other violations of federal wage and hour laws. Townsends workers have been working to organize a union with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW).
Also: UFCW
The lottery lunacy continuesThe lottery lunacy continues
[Apr. 19, 2007] The lottery lunacy continues this week. First comes the announcement that lottery tickets will be sold in vending machines, mostly in grocery stores. That’s a good idea, making the tickets available to anyone with a dollar to throw away, regardless of their age. By Chris Fitzsimon

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