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NEA campaign ad dodges facts, raises financing issues
[Sep. 14, 2014] “I always want my students to start with facts, and the fact is Thom Tillis is terrible for education in North Carolina.” That’s the beginning of a pointed TV ad featuring Chapel Hill teacher Vivian Connell. The ad is part of a $1.7 million campaign by the National Education Association’s Super PAC, the NEA Advocacy Fund, and it’s airing in 95 percent of the state over a 10-day period. Vivian Connell is a member of the advisory board of Public Schools First NC, which is an affiliate of Blueprint NC, the left-wing umbrella organization behind a memo calling for the Left to attack Republicans, and to “Eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern” while “crippling their leaders (McCrory, Tillis, Berger etc.).” By Bob Luebke
Work at today's minimum wage is better than 'moral' unemploymentWork at today's minimum wage is better than 'moral' unemployment
[Sep. 5, 2014] Labor unions and "moral" activists have once again somehow gotten a few of the poorest and least educated workers in the Triangle to walk off their jobs and demand publicly that they all be priced out of work and their jobs be taken by machines.
True, that isn't what any of them think would happen. Practically, however, if they got what they wanted, that's what would happen. Working for the lowest allowable wage is nobody's ideal. It's better than not working at all, however -- a lot better than misguided activists seem to appreciate. By Jon Sanders
Blueprint NC’s role in VIVA lawsuitBlueprint NC’s role in VIVA lawsuit
[Aug. 12, 2014] A parade of witnesses came to testify against North Carolina’s new voting reforms – but a look at their backgrounds shows they all have ties to the radical liberal network of groups known as Blueprint NC and/or have strong ties to the Democratic Party. U.S. District Judge Thomas D. Schroeder is in the process of making a decision on the motion for preliminary injunction brought by the liberal groups suing the state over the recently passed election reform bill known as HB 589 or VIVA – the Voter Identification Verification Act. By Susan Myrick
How North Carolina teachers can get a $450 raiseHow North Carolina teachers can get a $450 raise
[Aug. 6, 2014] As part of a campaign to inform employees and union workers of their rights, the Civitas Institute will be educating North Carolina teachers and other school employees about how they can give themselves an average $450 a year pay increase by leaving the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE).
Our higher education system fails leftist students because they're rarely challenged to think.Our higher education system fails leftist students because they're rarely challenged to think.
[Aug. 6, 2014] Too often, American college students face a one-question test, one based not on facts, but on ideology. The test: "Are you a liberal, or conservative?" The correct answer is, "I'm a liberal, and proud of it." That concerns me. I'm worried about those who get it right. The young people that our educational system is failing are the students on the left. They aren't being challenged, and don't learn to think. By Michael Munger
I-77 HOT lanes: A bargain or a $400M gamble?I-77 HOT lanes: A bargain or a $400M gamble?
[Jun. 26, 2014] A new “public-private partnership” in North Carolina appears to put hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at risk while guaranteeing profit for a company that has run into trouble in other states. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) announced in April that it had selected a contractor to take on the task of widening the congested 26-mile corridor of I-77 north of Charlotte. The project calls for the addition of a high-occupancy/toll (HOT) lane and the conversion of the existing high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane into another HOT lane. Cintra Infraestructures, a Spanish company, was selected to design, build, and maintain the improved roadway – and collect the tolls. The term of the contract is 50 years.
Here’s what real tax increases in North Carolina look likeHere’s what real tax increases in North Carolina look like
[Jun. 6, 2014] Progressive protestors, including “Moral Monday” demonstrators, have for roughly the past year voiced their opposition to a supposed state “tax increase” passed last year. Specifically, they gripe that the landmark 2013 North Carolina tax reform – which lowered income tax rates on all income levels – actually results in a tax increase on 80 percent of North Carolinians. The “80 percent will pay higher taxes”, however, has been soundly debunked. By Brian Balfour
Stream valleys and forests will frame Chatham Park’s neighborhoods
[May 27, 2014] Hello. My name is Thomas D’Alesandro. I live in Wilmette, Illinois and I have been working on Chatham Park’s master plan for over two years. I build live-work-play communities that are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. The National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, and the American Planning Association have recognized Columbia, Maryland, Reston, Virginia, The Woodlands, Texas and other places I’ve helped develop. By Thomas D'Alesandro
Racist roots: Progressives sought white supremacy in 1898Racist roots: Progressives sought white supremacy in 1898
[May 7, 2014] It shouldn’t have come as a surprise in 2013 that North Carolina Democrats and self-styled progressives reacted with fury when Republicans took over the General Assembly and the governor’s office. That’s because Democrats and Progressives reacted the same way when their hold on power was threatened more than a century ago. A little over a year ago, on February 22, 2013, the Charlotte Observer broke the story of a leaked strategy memo from leftist group Blueprint NC that described the game plan “progressive” groups should use to “eviscerate” the Republican leadership. While the memo itself was scandalous, it exposed the liberal Left’s determination to regain the power that had been lost to conservatives in the 2010 and 2012 elections. No student of North Carolina history would underestimate what the Left will do in such circumstances. By Susan Myrick
Opponents of election reform and voter integrity got it wrong on early votingOpponents of election reform and voter integrity got it wrong on early voting
[May 2, 2014] Already progressive fictions about voting reform are being dispelled by hard numbers from state government. April 29, 2014 data from the State Board of Elections revealed that as of yesterday (eight days out from Election Day) 95,257 people had voted early. Also, 90,031 of those voters had voted at an early voting one-stop location. That's after five days of in-person early voting. In 2010 (the comparable election year), at the same time (eight days out from Election Day) 85,255 people had voted. Of those 81,323 had voted at one-stop sites. The difference: In 2010, at eight days out from Election Day, voters had been voting for 12 days already. By Susan Myrick
Video about trash at Jordan Lake is releasedVideo about trash at Jordan Lake is released
[Mar. 19, 2014] Clean Jordan Lake is a grassroots, nonprofit founded in 2009 for the purpose of removing trash from the shoreline and preventing its recurrence. We are an official partner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the managing organization for the lake. So far, 3,000 volunteers have removed 8,500 bags of trash (that's about 85 tons!) and 3,400 tires (many still on rims) from 15 miles of shoreline in 90 cleanup events, large and small. By Fran DiGiano
Landlords, screen your rentors meticulouslyLandlords, screen your rentors meticulously
[Feb. 26, 2014] Landlords, screen your rentors meticulously. Some will stop paying rent and live for free while you process their removal or eviction. Some will damage your property willfully and try to blame you for it. Some will work a con about being short on rent, endlessly working for breaks while, sometimes, indulging in luxuries. By Tom Glendinning
What UNC’s Poverty Center was hidingWhat UNC’s Poverty Center was hiding
[Feb. 26, 2014] A public records request filed by the Civitas Institute confirms that the UNC Poverty Center continues to use publicly funded resources for blatantly political activities in ways that are inappropriate, violate UNC policies, and possibly illegal. Email records show that the center – formally the UNC Center for Poverty, Work, & Opportunity – hosted an invitation-only conference in November 2013 of top liberal activists and organizers. By Francis De Luca
The whole story about voter reforms in North CarolinaThe whole story about voter reforms in North Carolina
[Jan. 21, 2014] Much has been said and written about the election law reform legislation known as VIVA (Voter Identification Verification Act – HB 589) – but too many of the reports are misleading or just plain wrong. The legislation was passed in the 2013 legislative session and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory in August. Mostly, the old guard media have focused on just three provisions of the new law — the voter ID requirement, the elimination of same day registration and the shortened early voting window. These three parts of the law are the most controversial, so focusing on them gives liberal advocacy groups a platform on which to continue their assault on the people who support election reform By Susan Myrick
Irony defined: NAACP bullies Voter Integrity Project for confidential recordsIrony defined: NAACP bullies Voter Integrity Project for confidential records
[Jan. 3, 2014] Christmas was postponed indefinitely last month for the Voter Integrity Project after the NAACP served an expansive subpoena for the records of VIP on Friday, December 20, 2013. “We won’t take this bullying lightly, but do marvel at their hypocrisy,” said Jay DeLancy, Chief Executive of the Voter Integrity Project-NC. “It looks like they’re employing the same tactics against us that bigoted Governors once used when trying to run the NAACP out of the South.”

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