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Growing pains

By Mark Stinson
Posted Sunday, August 27, 2006

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Siler City, NC - I have been sitting quietly watching the developments of late. I have listened to many comments about commissioners and the obvious run they are making to get all they can before getting booted out. I listened to one person talk about the tax situation and how development is hurting him in particular. He wasn't mad he was hurt. This is a point people don't need to get to.

When politicians push people past anger to being just hurt mentally, the feeling of hopeless entrapment overtakes good sense. I have come to the conclusion things are going in a very unhealthy direction for not only residents but the politicians that are running over them. I feel from comments I have heard lately that it would be physically unhealthy for Bunky to run for any office again in this county. I have never seen such resentment and hate toward someone.

The process has caused hate toward groups on both sides and it's only going to get worse. We seem to be unified on certain points.

We as a community resent groups that manipulate our government to further their specific cause. We as a community are deeply concerned with taxes and uncontrolled growth. We feel we don't have any say so in matters of county government we should through our elected officials. I have heard a common statement that ( I moved here to get away from this , or , I stayed here all my life so I wouldn't have to deal with this ). All comments refer toward the unstable nature of our county government .

Just before Good Morning America came on, the overnight news did a piece on real estate in the United States. There are fifty million unsold new homes in this country plus older homes flooding the market. Apartments in New York that sold for $2.5 million four years ago without even being looked at are sitting vacant now. One unit went from 2.5 million to 1.75 and is still sitting empty.

On a level much closer to us there are developments that are not selling and the profit margins are shrinking exponentially. Developers are starting to see what real estate agents have already seen. The market is saturated for the current condition of our economy. Interest rates have eased up to soften the blow of the real estate sagging market. The hopes are to lessen the impact of the coming fall in real estate profits. The well is drying up so developers are rushing to build in areas they can sell in at a lower price before the bottom falls out. We are in one of those areas.

My opinion about growth is this. Every community needs to continually grow but growth has different meanings.

Growth can be new homes but it can also be new activities, new businesses, and new opportunities for existing residents. It's about preserving the quality of life in that community. Growth from childhood ends in the mid teens but we continue to grow as individuals our entire lives. If we grow physically after the teens it's usually in the form of fat. Communities grow in population but if they gain fat they normally loose growth in the quality of life areas. As a person if we gain too much fat we become less active, more dependant on others and physically unhealthy. Communities do exactly the same thing.

I really don't like the diet this county is on. I feel its time to change bad habits and slow building down and grow in quality of life and opportunities for the ones already here. I think we need to balance out the physical growth with quality of life growth. I see things getting really unhealthy for greedy self centered politicians in the near future. I hope we are able to put things in the proper perspective before we are in such bad shape we can't get out of our own way.

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