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Freaky Friday

By Mark Stinson
Posted Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Siler City, NC - This is a short post for me but read it carefully.

I took my daughter to the dermatologist Friday . Our van spit the transmission out at the intersect of MT Carmel and 15-501 at Chapel Hill . I wasn't happy and called a long time friend at Downtown Automotive in Siler City to come get me and my daughter . He came with his truck and brought us home in a very timely manner and at a very reasonable price .

I was faced with a dead van almost no money and the only other dependable vehicle I have in the yard broke a belt in the front tire dodging potholes and mud clods on 421 going to Siler City earlier in the week. I decide dthat the first thing I had to do was get the truck safe and that meant at least two new front tires .

I went to Walmart and simply asked "Put two new tires on for me please. One on the driver's side front where the belt is broken and one on the rim in the bed . My passenger side front is my spare so leave it alone."

I arrived there at 3:30 pm and was told the car in front of me was 10 minutes from being finished . I left my keys and saw Garland on the way out . I have know him for years and he is by far one of the best tire change men in the business . I told him what I told the lady and asked to make sure the tires were black wall out . He confirmed my orders and I went off to buy groceries in Wal Mart.

It took me an hour to find everything in the horrendous mess they call a store now. The store is so mixed up and disorganized I had to look in five separate locations to find training pants for my little one. I finally found them between the ladies' unmentionables and men's overalls; in the middle of the same rack. I made it back with a buggy full of groceries at 10 minutes of five and expected my truck to be ready. It was on the lift and hadn't been touched . I asked the new person behind the counter when it would be ready. He assured me that it would be ready "shortly."

I went to the bathroom and ran into Garland who was told he had to take his break so he passed the orders on to another boy to change my tires. I went back to see both of my front tires had been removed. I tried to speak to the man behind the counter. He was engaged with three ladies and dispatched me four times, not answering my questions about my truck.

I tried to inform him the boy was removing the spare from its rim and not installing the second tire on the rim in the bed as I requested. He didn't have time for me so I proceeded to hunt down the manager, who wasn't there and I did find the assistant manager.

I explained to him in a calm way what happened and he proceeded to go back and discuss the matter. Garland was called back and he confirmed my orders so they removed the new tire on my spare rim and placed it on the correct rim and put my spare back on its rim.

I left 10 minutes after the lady with the car before me . She was there 4.5 hours waiting to have four tires rotated and balanced . I was there till 6:45 pm just getting the two put on I bought.

Moral of the story - Stay the heck out of Wal Mart until they finish remodeling in May unless you have had a considerable amount of alcohol to drink . Never expect a bad day to get better until its over and always call Downtown Automotive in Siler City to tow your car !

I failed to mention the fact Wal Mart crushed my front brake line lifting the truck and bent my low and reverse shifter rod on the truck . I found this out leaving the parking lot and am not a happy camper right now .

Goodnite Mark

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