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County Politics

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O'Brien files for school board
[Feb. 18, 2008] Flint O'Brien, a Chatham County parent , today filed as a candidate for the Chatham County Board of Education in District 1.
Chatham Coalition grades County Commissioners Barnes and Cross
[Feb. 13, 2008] The Chatham Coalition’s first Accountability Report Card gave poor grades to County Commissioners Patrick Barnes and Mike Cross, based on their track records in office in four key areas: open government, land-use planning and the environment, economic development and education. By Jan Nichols, Chatham Coalition Chairperson
The truth behind the Land Tranfer Tax fiasco
[Feb. 8, 2008] Reading the following is painful to those who tried to stop a referendum train wreck. Perhaps adding insult to injury is the current attempt to lay the blame for the failure of the Land Transfer Tax (LTT) referendum at the feet of the Chatham Coalition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore those playing the blame game and pinning the LTT defeat on the Chatham Coalition allege that the Coalition did not use its political resources to get the LTT referendum passed. By Chatham Coalition
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Poll worker workshopPoll worker workshop
[Jan. 15, 2008] I don't think this part of your post is corny or else I am just as corny myself. I do think of every election day as a day when there is a sort of magic all across the country. We all (or many of us) step out of our routines to go to a place and mark a ballot and that is how we choose our leaders and how we all actively participate in history. By Karl G. Kachergis
Poll workers are part of the democratic processPoll workers are part of the democratic process
[Jan. 14, 2008] Be part of the solution. Chatham does often have one of the highest voter turnouts in North Carolina and the Board of Elections can use help staffing the polls. I have worked as a poll worker during most primary and general elections in Chatham County over the last twelve years. By Gene Galin
Informational recruitment session for poll workersInformational recruitment session for poll workers
[Jan. 13, 2008] The Chatham County Board of Elections is always on the lookout for potential poll workers. It is an excellent way to serve your community (you're paid some small $ too) while you work alongside some very fine folks. Poll working is a long day but rewarding as you realize that you have served the precious and delicate jewel that we (should) hold so dear -- Democracy. By Karl G. Kachergis
Chatham Conservative Voice responds to Commissioner Partick Barnes
[Nov. 13, 2007] On November 6, The Chatham Conservative Voice issued a statement to the Chatham County Commissioners calling on them to abandon the Land Transfer Tax Option. The voters have spoken. This is the response we received from Patrick Barnes, Chatham County Commissioner, in it’s entirety: “OK - Since it seems you have all the answers – then you study Chatham County’s budget and expenses and tell us how we can pay for the infrastructure and needed schools. We all await your reply!
Chatham County citizens sign on against land transfer taxChatham County citizens sign on against land transfer tax
[Oct. 29, 2007] Nearly 300 residents of Chatham County are publicly lending their support in strict opposition to the November 6 county referendum on a proposed real estate transfer tax. The Chatham County Coalition For Homeownership, a grassroots referendum committee formed for the purpose of defeating the measure on the November 6th ballot, provided a list of names of county residents today.
County politicians endorse new leadership team for Pittsboro
[Oct. 4, 2007] Five public officials have endorsed Randy Voller for Mayor and Michele Berger, Jim Hinkley and Gary Simpson for the Pittsboro Town Board. By Chris Hinkle
African American Caucus elects new officers
[Jul. 30, 2007] The African American Caucus of the Chatham County Democratic Party elected new officers on Tuesday June 28, 2007 to begin planning for what they hope will be aDemocratic Presidential win in 2008. Chatham activist Margie Ellison and Chair of the Chatham Board of Education, Norman Clarke, were unanimously elected President and 1st Vice President of the Caucus respectively.
Jonus Nobles for mayor of siler city
[Jul. 30, 2007] How far can a dream take one person? Most would tell you they have dreams or that dreams are unrealistic fantasies meant to give people false hope. I disagree, dreams can become reality, but we must first believe in ourselves and have the vision to see them through. A dream can be an amazing and powerful thing but it can also be a dangerous one at least to those who fear change. To those in Siler City who fear change, and those who would rather have the poor suffer for their own benefit, I say to you embrace change, help your neighbors, and relinquish the good ole days, for there are even better days ahead. By Jonus Nobles
Pittsboro Together endorses Mayor Voller and three new Town Board candidates
[Jul. 28, 2007] Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller and three new candidates for the Town Board filed for election and are running as a slate with the endorsement of Pittsboro Together, a grassroots political action organization advocating smart and sustainable community development. By Chris Hinkle
Jonus Nobles for change in Siler City
[Jul. 15, 2007] I believe all residents of Chatham County can see the sun setting on Siler City's future, but no one can see this clearer than those who work(ed) and live in Siler City. I believe that many elected officials on the Siler City town board and the mayor included have failed to realize the city's potential and have allowed the town to become a laughing stock. By Jonus Nobles
Commissioners live up to campaign promise on schoolsCommissioners live up to campaign promise on schools
[Jul. 10, 2007] The County Commissioners recent approval of $38 million for immediate funding of a new Northeast High School on Jack Bennett Road and raising teacher supplements is another demonstration that our new board majority is meeting its campaign promises. By Jan Nichols
Hackney “hacks off” local GOP
[May 23, 2007] Republicans in Speaker of the House Joe Hackney’s district are sounding off today about Hackney’s move to kill the Defense of Marriage Amendment yesterday. The House Rules Committee approved the Defense of Marriage Act yesterday, sending it to the House Floor. This bill, if approved by the House and Senate, would put a constitutional amendment on the North Carolina ballot that would guarantee that marriage in North Carolina could only be defined as being between one man and one woman. By Augustus Cho

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