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Partin answers sheriff's questionnaire

By Frank Partin
Posted Friday, March 31, 2006

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Pittsboro, NC - Candidate for Chatham County Sheriff, Frank Partin answers the Chatham Journal questionnaire. Three candidates are running for the office. The election primary will take place on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Candidate name: Frank Partin

Campaign web site: N/A

Age: 45

Education: Over 2 years college

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Laura Anne Butler Partin

Children: Three

Community activities: Plumb Habitat store in Pittsboro, Proposed to plumb 1-3 houses for Habitat in Siler City during June 2006 with Bright Leaf Development

Sheriff Questionnaire

1. What are your qualifications and what experience do you have in law enforcement?

I have 20 yrs Military experience, 13 yrs infantry and 7 yrs personnel affairs. ie.. Team leader, Squad leader, Platoon sergeant, NCOIC Enlisted Records, NCOIC Officer Records, NCOIC Evaluations, Armorer qualified, Supply Sergeant (Logistics), and Bradly Commander during Desert Storm. I have been in many leadership positions during my military time, training, supervising, and professional development of soldiers under me, during Peacetime and Combat. I also started and run my own company Clear Water Plumbing

2. What are your three priorities as Sheriff?

Protect and serve the people, also provide and maintain a well-trained professional Sheriff Department.

3. What do you consider the three most pressing public safety issues in the county? As Sheriff, how would you deal with these issues?

Domestic Violence, Drugs, and Theft
a. Once identified provide assistance through education and counseling from many agencies already available.
b. Presence of deputies as a deterrent which may not completely stop trafficking but will sure slow it down and also education like D.A.R.E.
c. Presence to prevent theft by patrols, and rapid investigations to apprehend suspects.

4. What are your short and long-term plans for dealing with the increased public safety needs of a growing Chatham County population? How can you best meet the needs of all parts of the county?

(Short-term) If elected I would make an assessment of the current situation through out the county with the number of deputies available. I would then deploy my deputies accordingly.
(Long-term) As the county grows this also increases the tax base. As Sheriff I have to ensure the department receive a portion of the increase to allow hiring of additional deputies and equipment.

5. What two things would you like to see changed in the Chatham County Sheriff’s department over the next four years and why? What, if anything, would your election do to bring about these changes?

First thing is being elected as the Sheriff.

Second Public Relation. Require Public Relation course because while dealing with the public everyone is innocent till proven guilty and should be treated with respect. I believe that if people are treated with respect you will gain their respect.

6. Since all the candidates for Sheriff seem to emphasize reducing drug use, what standards of measure will you use? When the next election comes around, what will you offer as evidence that you have been successful?

Identify the source then investigate, obtain evidence and arrest parties involved with enough evidence for a conviction. Patrols and police presence will deter future problems. Continue to educate the young.

7. There are known areas of drug activity in our county. What will you do as Sheriff to clean those areas up?

The primary goal is to arrest everyone involved and stop the distribution of all illegal drugs in known locations, but it is still a business legal or not and would be hard to gain a profit. Increase police presence and buyers will prefer a less watched area. Hopefully far from Chatham.

8. How do you expect to work with the Hispanic community?

Communication is the key. Currently I'm sure there are procedure in place and if elected continue to improve on them. Also continuing education through professional development of deputies by taking culture and language classes to better understand and communicate.

9. Why should I, as a Chatham County resident vote for you?

I'm honest, trustworthy and will treat all people with the utmost respect. As Sheriff I will provide a well-trained professional Sheriff's Department.

Partin answers sheriff's questionnaire
Frank Partin

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