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January 2011 sunrises and sunsets for Pittsboro

Posted Sunday, January 9, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - Sunrise and sunset times for Pittsboro, NC for January 2011

January 1

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:13pm
Moonrise: 4:58am
Moonset: 2:51pm
Day length: 9h 47m

January 2

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:14pm
Moonrise: 5:57am
Moonset: 3:47pm
Day length: 9h 48m

January 3

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:15pm
Moonrise: 6:50am
Moonset: 4:47pm
Day length: 9h 48m

January 4

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:16pm
Moonrise: 7:35am
Moonset: 5:48pm
New Moon: 4:04am
Day length: 9h 49m

January 5

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:17pm
Moonrise: 8:14am
Moonset: 6:49pm
Day length: 9h 50m

January 6

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:17pm
Moonrise: 8:48am
Moonset: 7:48pm
Day length: 9h 50m

January 7

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:18pm
Moonrise: 9:17am
Moonset: 8:46pm
Day length: 9h 51m

January 8

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:19pm
Moonrise: 9:44am
Moonset: 9:42pm
Day length: 9h 52m

January 9

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:20pm
Moonrise: 10:10am
Moonset: 10:37pm
Day length: 9h 53m

January 10

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:21pm
Moonrise: 10:36am
Moonset: 11:32pm
Day length: 9h 54m

January 11

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:22pm
Moonrise: 11:03am
Moonset: none
Day length: 9h 55m

January 12

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:23pm
Moonrise: 11:32am
Moonset: 12:28am
First Qtr: 6:33am
Day length: 9h 56m

January 13

Sunrise: 7:27am
Sunset: 5:24pm
Moonrise: 12:05pm
Moonset: 1:26am
Day length: 9h 57m

January 14

Sunrise: 7:26am
Sunset: 5:25pm
Moonrise: 12:43pm
Moonset: 2:25am
Day length: 9h 58m

January 15

Sunrise: 7:26am
Sunset: 5:26pm
Moonrise: 1:27pm
Moonset: 3:26am
Day length: 10h 0m

January 16

Sunrise: 7:26am
Sunset: 5:27pm
Moonrise: 2:19pm
Moonset: 4:26am
Day length: 10h 1m

January 17

Sunrise: 7:26am
Sunset: 5:28pm
Moonrise: 3:19pm
Moonset: 5:23am
Day length: 10h 2m

January 18

Sunrise: 7:25am
Sunset: 5:29pm
Moonrise: 4:26pm
Moonset: 6:16am
Day length: 10h 3m

January 19

Sunrise: 7:25am
Sunset: 5:30pm
Moonrise: 5:37pm
Moonset: 7:03am
Full Moon: 4:22pm
Day length: 10h 5m

January 20

Sunrise: 7:25am
Sunset: 5:31pm
Moonrise: 6:49pm
Moonset: 7:45am
Day length: 10h 6m

January 21

Sunrise: 7:24am
Sunset: 5:32pm
Moonrise: 8:01pm
Moonset: 8:22am
Day length: 10h 8m

January 22

Sunrise: 7:24am
Sunset: 5:33pm
Moonrise: 9:11pm
Moonset: 8:57am
Day length: 10h 9m

January 23

Sunrise: 7:23am
Sunset: 5:34pm
Moonrise: 10:21pm
Moonset: 9:30am
Day length: 10h 11m

January 24

Sunrise: 7:23am
Sunset: 5:35pm
Moonrise: 11:31pm
Moonset: 10:04am
Day length: 10h 12m

January 25

Sunrise: 7:22am
Sunset: 5:36pm
Moonrise: none
Moonset: 10:39am
Day length: 10h 14m

January 26

Sunrise: 7:22am
Sunset: 5:37pm
Moonrise: 12:39am
Moonset: 11:17am
Last Qtr: 7:58am
Day length: 10h 15m

January 27

Sunrise: 7:21am
Sunset: 5:38pm
Moonrise: 1:46am
Moonset: 11:59am
Day length: 10h 17m

January 28

Sunrise: 7:20am
Sunset: 5:39pm
Moonrise: 2:51am
Moonset: 12:48pm
Day length: 10h 19m

January 29

Sunrise: 7:20am
Sunset: 5:40pm
Moonrise: 3:51am
Moonset: 1:41pm
Day length: 10h 20m

January 30

Sunrise: 7:19am
Sunset: 5:41pm
Moonrise: 4:45am
Moonset: 2:39pm
Day length: 10h 22m

January 31

Sunrise: 7:18am
Sunset: 5:42pm
Moonrise: 5:32am
Moonset: 3:38pm
Day length: 10h 24m

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