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Progress Energy customers set all-time peak for usage

Posted Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Raleigh, NC - Progress Energy Carolinas customers, seeking relief from the heat and humidity, set a record for electricity usage Tuesday, and with temperatures at or above 100 degrees today, another peak-demand record is possible.

Between 4 and 5 p.m. Tuesday, Progress Energy's 1.4 million customers in the Carolinas used an estimated 12,232 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity, as cooling systems worked overtime to battle triple-digit temperatures. That figure surpassed the previous record of 12,004 MWh set the morning of Jan. 24 this year. The previous summer peak-demand record was 11,977 MWh set in July 2002.

While Wednesday's forecast calls for more of the same, Progress Energy does not anticipate problems meeting the heightened customer demand.

Meanwhile, Progress Energy recommends the following tips to help save electricity and dollars this season:

* Set your thermostat on the highest comfortable setting. Do not turn your cooling system off unless you'll be gone for an extended period of time. Cooling systems work best when they maintain a steady temperature, instead of making large adjustments.
* Change your filters monthly. Dirty filters can increase operating costs by 20 percent. Don't block registers and return vents with furniture or drapes.
* Use ceiling fans and portable fans to keep air moving. Using a fan will make the room feel about 3 to 4 degrees cooler, and fans only use about as much energy as a light bulb. But remember that fans cool people, not rooms, so turn them off in unoccupied rooms.
* Close blinds, drapes and shades during the hottest part of the day. This keeps the sun's rays from heating your house.
* Because humid air holds more heat, take lukewarm showers and baths and run the bathroom exhaust fan to reduce humidity in your home.
* When possible, use your microwave or countertop appliances for cooking instead of the oven or stove.
* Make sure your home is properly insulated. Progress Energy recommends R-30 insulation for ceilings, R-19 for floors and R-16 for outside walls. In existing homes, wall insulation may be too expensive to install, so concentrate on attic and floor insulation.

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