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Collection Centers instituting new decal policy

Posted Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Pittsboro, NC - As of January 2006, a new decal program will begin in Chatham County. New decals will be issued each calendar year for admittance to Chatham County’s twelve Collection Centers for deposit of residential trash and recyclables. Issuance of decals will be based on payment of Chatham County Solid Waste Fee(s) – read below about fees. Residents of Chatham County must pay the Solid Waste Fee(s) and display a current decal in order to use any of the twelve collection centers.

GUIDELINES for New Decal Program:
1. Residents who pay their Solid Waste fees through their tax bills by the January deadline should receive their decals in the mail. After January deadline, residents must contact the Waste Management Office by phone (542-5516) or email ( for details on obtaining your decals.

2. Residents without a current Chatham County Solid Waste decal will not be allowed inside the collection centers for disposal of garbage and recyclables, use of swap shops, or grazing card program.

3. Residents living in the incorporated parts of Chatham County (towns) may obtain Solid Waste decals by paying the Solid Waste Availability Fee through the Waste Management office (see below for more information).

4. Landlords will be issued decals for rental property and are responsible for distributing decals to tenants (see below for more information).

5. Two decals shall be issued per qualifying household.

6. Businesses and out-of-county residents are prohibited from collection centers.

7. Residents may purchase a replacement Solid Waste decal for the price of $10 through the Waste Management office in case of a broken windshield, new vehicle purchase, or other valid reason.

Solid Waste Fees: The Chatham County Waste Management Department (WMD) is an Enterprise Fund meaning it relies on two Solid Waste Fees to pay for the program. The WMD receives no general fund tax dollars.

Availability Fee (AVF): A flat fee of $81 per dwelling unit is charged to all homeowners in the unincorporated areas of the County. This fee generates revenues to cover the operating costs of keeping the 12 collection centers available throughout the County. The fee also covers a portion of the cost of other Waste Management Programs (e.g. education, environmental enforcement, LCID landfill, household hazardous waste, yard waste, white goods and scrap tire management) that are available to all County residents.

Disposal Fee (LFT): A flat fee of $34 per dwelling unit is charged to all homeowners in the unincorporated areas of the County who rely on the collection centers as their principal legal source for household waste disposal. Private haulers provide lists of their residential customers (to waive this fee) as part of their annual permitting process. This disposal fee generates revenues to cover the costs of disposing (tipping fee) waste from the collection centers.

Frequently asked questions


1. Is this new policy mandatory for town residents?
No. If you live in Pittsboro, Siler City or Goldston, your use of the Chatham County Collection Centers is entirely optional. All three towns have curbside garbage collection for their residents. Pittsboro and Siler City also offer curbside recycling, as well as yard waste and bulky item pick-up. However, if you want to use the collection centers, you must pay the Solid Waste Availability Fee and display a current decal.

2. How much do I pay for a decal if I live in town?
$81 - Town residents will be charged the Solid Waste Availability Fee only. This is one of two Solid Waste Fees. Residents living in the unincorporated parts of the county that hire a private trash hauler also pay $81. Residents in the unincorporated areas who do not hire a private trash hauler are charged an additional fee of $34 (Disposal Fee).

3. Do my county property taxes pay for this program?
No. In years past, General Fund monies (tax dollars) were used to help pay for the programs that benefit the entire County population such as HHW, Environmental Enforcement, and Education. These supplemental dollars also supported the extra use on the 12 collection centers by town residents for recycling, bulky items, tires, appliances, scrap metal, and motor oil. This is the fourth fiscal year when no “tax dollars” will be contributed to the WMD.

4. Where else can I take trash besides the collection centers?
There are two privately owned transfer stations that accept most materials: one in Siler City (behind Wal Mart) and another in Sanford (Wilkins Dr.). A tipping fee is charged at the transfer stations (currently $45/ton). There are also C&D landfills outside the county limits that accept building materials for a charge. Contact our office at 542-5516 for more information about these facilities.

1. If I own rental property in Chatham County, how do my tenants get their decals?
Property owners in the unincorporated areas of Chatham County who pay the Solid Waste Fee(s) by the January deadline should receive decals for each dwelling they own in the mail. As the landlord, it is your responsibility to distribute decals to the tenants. Property owners who pay their taxes after the deadline must contact the Waste Management Office to receive decals.

2. What if I change tenants before the end of the calendar year?
Tenants or landlords may purchase replacement decals for $10 through the Waste Management Office. Our office will be able to check with the Tax Office to determine if the Solid Waste Fees have been paid for the current year. Identification and proof of residency will be required for tenants (such as a utility bill).

3. As the owner of a rental property, am I able to use the collection centers when I’m cleaning out or making repairs to a dwelling?
No. The collection centers are designed for regular household trash and recyclables. Trash generated by work done to a rental property is considered business waste and is not accepted at the collection centers.

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