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Chatham Planning Board agenda - 7/12/05

Posted Friday, July 8, 2005

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Chatham Planning Board Agenda
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Cooperative Extension Building, Pittsboro, NC
7:00 P.M.


A. Minutes:
Consideration of approval of minutes for June 7, 2005 Planning Board meeting.
B. Sketch and Preliminary Approval:
Request by H & A Properties for subdivision sketch and preliminary design approval of “Shambley Meadows, Phase II”, consisting of 18 lots, on approximately 35 acres, off SR-2167, Jay Shambley Road and SR-2165, Hickory Mountain-Hadley Mill Road, Hickory Mountain Township. - See Attachment #1 Planning & Zoning Review Notes
C. Preliminary Approval:
Request by J & B Partners, LLC for subdivision preliminary design approval of “Bingham Ridge”, consisting of 24 lots on approximately 97
acres, off SR-1536, Lamont Norwood Road, Baldwin Township. - See Attachment #2
D. Sketch, Preliminary and Final Approval:
Request by Thomas Mills for subdivision sketch, preliminary and final approval of “The Thompson Farm, Lot 15-B”, consisting of 1 lot on 5.00 acres, off a pre-existing roadbed connecting to SR-1544, Lashley Road, Baldwin Township. - See Attachment #3
End Consent Agenda

7:05 P.M.
IV. PUBLIC INPUT SESSION: Fifteen-minute time of public input for issues not on agenda. Speakers limited to three minutes each.

7:20 P.M.
A. Request by Cynthia Sax Perry on behalf of David C. Johnson for a variance from the Chatham County Subdivision Regulations, Section 6.4, Lots, (B) Arrangement, (3); and subdivision sketch design approval of “Fern Creek Subdivision”, consisting of 4 lots on approximately 15 acres, located off SR-1714, Sugar Lake Road, New Hope Township. - See Attachment #4
B. Request by Steve Christopher for subdivision sketch design approval of “Scarlet Oak”, consisting of 7 lots on approximately 12 acres, off SR-1530, Polks Landing Road, Baldwin Township. See Attachment #5

7:50 P.M.
A. Request by Cynthia Sax Perry on behalf of Geraldine Williams Pollard for a variance from the Chatham County Subdivision Ordinance, Section 6.4, Lots, B (2) Arrangement. - See Attachment #6

8:20 P.M.
VII. ZONING AND ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS: Item from May 16, 2005 Public Hearing:
A. Request by Chatham Citizens For Effective Communities, Inc., Et al for a revision to the Chatham County Watershed Protection Ordinance Section 303, Cluster Development. - See Attachment #7

8:30 P.M.
Items for July 18, 2005 Public Hearing: Information material to be distributed at Planning Board meeting.
B. Request by Sandy Pond Enterprises, LLC for a B-1 Conditional Use District with a Conditional Use Permit for Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals with dog runs or equivalent facilities and for a dog boarding facility, on approximately 4 acres, located on the north east corner of US Hwy.15-501 and Vickers Road, S. R. 1719 in Williams Township.
C. Request by Rode Enterprises, Inc to add .311 acres (13,548 square feet) to the existing B-1 Business District, located at the intersection of US Hwy. 1 and S.R. 1012, Pittsboro-Moncure Road in Cape Fear Township.
D. Request by Frank Kent Dickens for an expansion and revision of the existing Conditional Use Permit for a privately owned camp ground, specifically for campers, travel trailers, and recreational vehicles / motor homes to add 18.7 acres (total 26 acres) to include 84 additional sites (total 105 sites) along with a swimming pool, bath house and laundry facility, to be located off S. R. 1916, Corinth Road in Cape Fear Township.
E. Request by Robert Blitchington for a revision to the existing conditional use permit for Michael Cates / Ferrellgas, L.P. / propane gas business to a conditional use permit for a Contractor’s Office and Shop, on one (1) acre, located off US Hwy. 15-501 N. in Baldwin Township.
F. Request by Cynthia Perry on behalf of Lynwood & Elizabeth Daniel for a revision to the existing B-1 Conditional Use Business District with Conditional Use Permit for an Auto Repair Garage to a conditional use permit for (1) Sporting goods sales; (2) Printing and publishing; (3) Incidental storage of goods intended for retail sales on the premises; and (4) Uses and structures customarily accessory to any permitted use, on approximately 1.28 aces, located off S. R. 1540, Jones Ferry Road in Baldwin Township.
G. Request by Jeff Hunter on behalf of Colvard Farms for a modification to the existing Conditional Use Permit for a Planned Unit Development, specifically for a cluster development to add one (1) acre of land and one (1) lot, (total 146 lots) located off NC 751 in Williams Township.
H. Request by George Farrell on behalf of Kunal Enterprises, LLC for an extension of time on the existing B-1 Conditional Use Business District with Conditional Use Permit for limited business uses, located on the north east side of the intersection of Bob Horton Road (SR 1744) and US Hwy. 64 E. in New Hope Township.
I. Proposed amendment to the Chatham County Communications Tower Ordinance Article 3-2 to allow towers up to 300 feet in areas #2 and #3 when a public benefit is substantiated.
J. Request by Tony S. Tucker, Chatham County Emergency Operations Director, on behalf of Chatham County to construct a 300 foot self supporting lattice communications tower on a one (1) acre portion of property owned by Beatrice Teague, parcel #3977 consisting of a total of 5.84 acres, located off S. R. 1006, Siler City-Glendon Road in Bear Creek Township

8:40 P.M.
A. Discussion of Watershed 10/70 Rule

A. Planning Director’s Report
B. Planning Board Member’s Reports

10:00 P.M.
Meeting Procedure
I. Staff Report
II. Presentation by Applicant
III. Comments from the Public (at Chairman’s discretion)
a. Speakers are to come to podium
b. Speakers are to give name and address
c. Comments are limited to five minutes
IV. Board Action
a. Motion for Action
b. Discussion by Board Members
c. Restatement of Motion by Chairman
d. Vote on Motion

Times listed are tentative. The Planning Board will proceed with the agenda as items are completed.

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