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Chatham Board of Commissioners meeting agenda - 7/20/09

Posted Monday, July 20, 2009

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The Chatham County Board of Commissioners will meet on Monday, July 20 at the District Courtroom in Pittsboro, NC at 6 p.m.



The Board of Commissioners uses a Consent Agenda to act on non-controversial and routine items quickly. The Consent Agenda is acted upon by one motion and vote of the Board. Items may be removed from the Consent Agenda and placed on the Regular Agenda at the request of a Board member or citizen. The Consent Agenda contains the following items:

1. Minutes: Approval of Board Minutes for Regular Meeting held June 15, 2009 and Work Session held June 15, 2009

2. Tax Releases and Refunds: Approval of tax releases and refunds

3. Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget Amendments: Approval of Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget Amendments (Attachments: Proposed Additional Funds Amendments)

4. Chatham Trades, Inc. Contract: Approval of a contract between Chatham County and Chatham Trades, Inc. (Attachment: Contract)

5. Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Reappointment: Approval of a request to reappoint Ernest Clemmons to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board by Commissioner Vanderbeck

6. Grant Application for “Climate Showcase Communities” Approval of a grant application for the Solid Waste/Sustainable Communities for the “Climate Showcase Communities” to fund a Zero Waste Coordinator position within Waste Management

7. Naming of Private Roads in Chatham County: Approval of a request from citizens for the naming of private roads in Chatham County as follows:
A. Kilgore Hill Road B. Riverwalk Trail C. Jessamine Lane

8. Designation of Responsible Party to Conduct Building Inspections of Public Schools: Approval of a request to designate the Chatham County Building Inspection Department as the responsible party for conducting periodic electrical inspections of public schools including those within the Town of Siler City’s jurisdiction. (Attachment)

9. Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization Reappointment: Approval of a request to reappoint Tom Vanderbeck as the Triangle Area Rural Planning Organization Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC) representative for Chatham County. RTAC members serve two year terms and are eligible for reappointment.

10. Department of Social Services Contracts: Approval of Department of Social Services Contracts as follows:
1. Carol J. Holcomb, Attorney at Law
2. Chatham Transit Network
3. Child Care Networks, Inc.

11. Deputy Finance Officer for Department of Social Services Appointment: Approval of appointment of Jennie Kristiansen, Department of Social Services Program Administrator, Deputy Finance Officer, for the purpose of signing Department of Social Services trust account checks



12. The Public Input Session is held to give citizens an opportunity to speak on any item, which does not appear on the day’s Agenda. The session is no more than thirty minutes long and speakers are limited to no more than three minutes each. Speakers are required to sign up in advance. Individuals who wish to speak but cannot because of time constraints will be carried to the next meeting and given priority. We apologize for the tight time restrictions. They are necessary to ensure that we complete our business. If you have insufficient time to finish your presentation, we welcome your comments in writing.


Public Hearing:

13. Public Hearing on FY 2009-2010 Rural Operating Assistance Program Funding Agreement: Public hearing to receive public comments on the FY 2009-2010 Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) Funding Agreement as required by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and approval of the recommendations for the allocation of FY 2009-2010 ROAP funds as presented

14. Voting Delegate to NCACC Annual Conference: Approval of a Commissioner appointment as a voting delegate to the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners Annual Conference (Attachment: Voting form)


Public Hearing:

15. Public Hearing to Rezone Acreage: Public hearing to receive public comments on a request to rezone a portion of parcel #18402 (consisting of approximately 30 acres), owned by Joanna Bright and Walter Anthony Bright, Trustees, from R-1, Residential, to Light Industrial (Attachment: Map)


16. Manager’s Reports: The County Manager shall report on miscellaneous County business at this time.


17. Commissioners’ Reports: Any Commissioner wishing to report on any County business may do so at this time.
* Discussion of Route #42 water lines by Commissioner Cross


Chatham County Zoning Board of Adjustment

(Immediately following Regular Board of Commissioners’ Meeting) Convene as the Chatham County Zoning Board of Adjustment.
Approval of June 15, 2009 Chatham County Zoning Board of Adjustment minutes
(Attachment1and Attachment 2)
Adjourn as the Chatham County Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Southeast Water District Board Convene as the Southeast Chatham Water District Board.
1. Minutes: Approval of June 15, 2009, Southeast Water District Board Minutes
Adjourn as the Southeast Chatham Water District Board.

Work Session
Henry H. Dunlap Building Classroom
Time: 1:00 PM

1. Impact Fee Update by Consultant: Report from the consultant on the study undertaken and level of fees that can be justified (Attachment: Presentation and report)

2. Johnson Controls Update: Update from Steve Zip of Johnson Controls on the study Johnson Controls has completed and subsequent recommendations for Chatham County energy efficiency measures. (Attachments: E&W cash flow Chatham, E&W cash flow ALL, E&W cash flow 5 yr, water facts, building energy facts, cover letter, performance contract, and e-mail)

3. Presentation by David Wasserman with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to provide an update on the US #64 Phase 2A Study. The purpose of the study is to develop short-term and long-term alternatives to transition US #64 to a freeway and expressway. (Attachment: Letter)

4. Library and Central Carolina Community College Bids: Bid results for the library and Central Carolina Community College will be presented and recommendations for contractor(s) made. (Attachment)

5. Budget Critique: Review and critique of recently completed budget work. County Staff seeks Commissioner feedback regarding what worked well, what needs improvement and any other thoughts the Board of Commissioners may have which improves the budget process.

6. Departmental Evaluation Process: County Staff is ready to walk through our first departmental review. Staff wants the Board to see what they are doing and would like the Board’s feedback on what they see. Are we on the right tracts, etc. The first review is with the garage. (Attachment)

7. Consideration of providing comments to the Town of Cary on a pending annexation on Pittard Sears Road. The Town of Cary has received an annexation request for approximately 39.77 acres in the joint plan area for property in Chatham County adjacent to the existing town limits. (Abstract, attachment #1, attachment #2 and attachment #3)

8. Mid-Carolina Work Force Development Committee Appointments: Discussion of recent administrative changes from Mid-Carolina Council of Governments to Central Carolina Community College and the representative appointment process by Chatham County

Agenda with working links

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