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Chatham County schools request for reassignment forms are available

Posted Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - Parents or guardians of students requesting an initial reassignment of school for their children are required to complete and submit a Chatham County Schools Request for Reassignment Form for each child in order for the reassignment to be considered.

A request must be submitted to the superintendent by June 30 and must include the specific reason for the request. (Students who are currently on an approved reassignment are not required to reapply until the end of the career of their child’s current school.) The superintendent will consider and make a determination based upon the best interest of the child, the orderly and efficient administration of the public schools, the proper administration of the school to which assignment is requested and the instruction, health and safety of the pupils there enrolled. A decision will be made and the parent notified by mail on or before July 31.

Reasons for Reassignment

Students may be reassigned by the superintendent to another school assignment area within the Chatham County School District for one or more of the following reasons.

1. Change of Residence within the School District

Students whose legal residence may change from one school assignment area to another within the school district during the same school year may choose to finish out that school year in the same school, or attend school in the area to which they have moved. If they elect to remain in the first school in order to complete that year, they will be assigned to the school according to the area in which they live at the beginning of the next school year. Those students whose legal residence changes to another school district will be allowed to finish the remainder of the school year, pursuant to policy 4130 and policy 4135. Students whose legal residence has changed but who choose to complete the school year at their first school will be responsible for their own transportation to school. Parents who are building a house must provide a building permit showing that their house is under construction in the requested assignment area.

If domicile changes after or during the 10th grade, the student may remain in their present school.

2. Students Moving Into the School District

A student whose parent/guardian plans to move into the Chatham County School District on or before November 1 may be assigned at the beginning of the school year to the school serving the students new domicile. Parents who are building a house must provide a building permit showing that their house is under construction in the requested assignment area.

3. Special Curricular Needs

A student who is unable to obtain required courses or programs in their regularly assigned school may be reassigned to another school within the district which can best meet the student's needs.
If a student is reassigned to access a special program or course, failure to remain in special program or course will result in revocation of reassignment. Once the course sequence has been completed the student will return to his/her base school.

4. Extreme Hardship

A student may be reassigned or transferred because of extreme or unusual circumstances which affect the student's achievement and/or behavior in school, when it is established that such reassignment or transfer is in the best interest of the student.

5. Children of Employees*

A Chatham County school employee's child(ren) may be reassigned to another school within the attendance zone of the employee's worksite.

6. Unsafe School Choice Transfer under the No Child Left Behind Act

Reassignment for students who are victims of violent criminal offenses at school or for students attending persistently dangerous schools as defined by State Board of Education policy will be made pursuant to policy 4152, Unsafe School Choice Transfer.

7. School Improvement Choice Transfer under the No Child Left Behind Act

Students enrolled in a Title I school that has not made adequate yearly progress for at least two consecutive years under the No Child Left Behind Act may transfer to another school in the district that has not been identified for school improvement or identified as persistently dangerous, pursuant to policy 4153, School Improvement Choice Transfer. In providing school improvement choice transfers, first priority for choice is provided to the lowest-achieving children from low-income families will be given priority for their first choice of school reassignment.

8. If the reassignment of student has been approved for curricular reasons, the parent may request the reassignment of siblings.

Reasons for Denying/Rescinding Reassignments

The reassignment of a student may be denied or rescinded by superintendent for one or more of the following reasons:

1. School Requested Is Beyond Rated School Capacity

Students will not be reassigned into schools that exceed the rated building capacity unless the child of an employee.

2. Parent/Guardian Difference of Opinion with School Leadership/Rules

Citing quality of school, difference of opinion with school staff regarding grades, homework, discipline, retention, or class assignment are not acceptable reasons to request a reassignment.

3. Application Is Filed After Deadlines

Applications filed after the school reassignment/transfer deadline may result in denial.

4. Request Is For Athletic Participation

Athletics or participation in athletics may not be a sufficient reason for reassignment.

5. Redistricting

Students may not be reassigned into or out of schools that have been redistricted for one school year.

Parents/guardians may appeal the decision of the superintendent to the Board of Education by filing a written request for appeal to the superintendent.

Conditions for Reassignment

The following conditions apply in regard to any reassignments made in accordance with BOE Policy 4150 subsections C(Requests for Reassignment) and D(Reasons for Reassignment)

• The parent is responsible for transportation (except for school improvement choice transfers for which the district must provide transportation for as long as the original school is identified for Title I school improvement).

• The reassignment is valid for the reassigned school only. A new request must be submitted after the student completes the grades in the reassigned school.

• The reassignment into a school that has an enrollment over its rated capacity will not be allowed except for students approved for reassignment during or before the 2006-2007 school year, who will be allowed to remain at the school through the grade span offered in that particular school.

• Any reassignment request that is approved based upon false or misleading information will be declared void and the reassignment will be rescinded.

• The student must attend school on a regular basis and abide by the school‚ rules and regulations. Excessive absences, tardiness or disciplinary referrals may be grounds for revocation of the reassignment.

Parents/Guardians may pick up a Request for Reassignment Form from the school serving the attendance area of their residence, by contacting the Chatham County Schools central office in Pittsboro, or downloading the pdf form attached at the bottom of the online press release on the district website. This request must be submitted to Bobby Dixon, District Compliance Officer, for review. Families will be notified in writing of the decision regarding the Request for Reassignment on or before July 31.

Release from Chatham County

Chatham County residents wishing to transfer their child(ren) to another public school system, while residing in Chatham County, must complete a Release Form in order to obtain a release from the Chatham County School system.

Download release form (pdf or doc).

To address questions regarding school assignment or student reassignment, please feel free to contact Bobby Dixon at Chatham County Schools at (919) 542-3626 x23228.

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Chatham County schools request for reassignment forms are available
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