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Minutes of the January 22nd BOE meeting

Posted Sunday, February 25, 2007

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Goldston, NC - The Chatham County Board of Education met for a regular session on Monday, January 22, 2007 in the JS Waters School Media Center at 7:45 p.m. Members present were Norman Clark, Chair; Deb McManus, Vice-Chair; Holly Duncan; Kathie Russell; and Gerald Totten.

Call to Order:

Mr. Clark called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

Closed Session:

On a motion by Ms. McManus, seconded by Ms. Russell, the Board voted unanimously to move from open to closed session in JS Waters School Media Center Work Room to discuss matters regarding student records and personnel matters protected under NC General Statutes 143.318.11 (a)(1) and 143.318.11 (a)(6) at 6:47 p.m.

On a motion by Ms. McManus, seconded by Ms. Duncan, the Board voted unanimously to return to open session in the JS Waters School Media Center at 7:45 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:

Open session resumed at 7:47 p.m. and Board members led the audience in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.



Dr. Hart offered the Invocation.


Welcome of Visitors:

Mr. Clark and Dr. Hart welcomed audience members and thanked them for attending the meeting. Dr. Hart thanked JS Waters School for hosting the meeting and informed the audience members that sign up sheets were on the front table near the doors. She announced that no one had signed up for public comments.


Adoption of the Agenda:

Board members reviewed the agenda for the meeting.


Dr. Hart explained that item XV, Technology Temporary Staffing, had been added to the agenda and Mr. Davis would explain the item later in the meeting.




I. Call to Order

II. Closed Session

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Invocation

V. Welcome of Visitors

VI. Public Comments

VII. Adoption of the Agenda

VIII. Approval of Minutes for January 8 and 12, 2007

IX. Recognition of the Chatham Central High School Baseball Team

X. Jack Bennett Site Discussion

XI. School Improvement Plan Presentations

· JS Waters School

· Moncure School

· Chatham Middle School

· Approval of all School Improvement Plans

XII. Integrated Pest Management Presentation

XIII. Board of Education Sharing and Superintendent’s Comments (amended)

XIV. Financial Report

· Budget Amendments

XV. Technology Temporary Staffing

XVI. Fundraisers

XVII. Personnel Action

XVIII. Adjournment


On a motion by Ms. Duncan, seconded by Ms. McManus, the Board unanimously approved the agenda as amended.


Approval of Minutes for January 8 and 12, 2007:

Board members reviewed the closed session minutes for the January 8, 2006 Regular Meeting later in closed session. Ms. Duncan suggested one correction. The correction to the closed session minutes has been completed.


Board members reviewed the open session minutes for the January 8 Regular Meeting and the following corrections were noted:


There was some discussion regarding the verbiage on page four (4), in paragraph nine (9), about how redistricting information will be distributed. A consensus was reached that the wording was correct, except for adding the word “site” after the word “web”.


Dr. Hart confirmed the change of wording for the “Superintendent’s Report and Board of Education Sharing” line item will read: “Board of Education Sharing and Superintendent’s Comments” and the current agenda will reflect that change (completed).

On page six (6), paragraph seven (7), the word “and” should read “an”.


On page eight (8), paragraph three (3) Board members confirmed that Ms. Russell is the member who stated that she knew nothing about requesting a Board reprimand for Col. Totten.


On page nine (9), paragraph nine (9), Col. Totten stated that the word “nearby” should be omitted from the minutes because the projects funded by Mr. Goodnight weren’t necessarily near the Jack Bennett property.


On page ten, (10), paragraph two (2), the word “would” should be changed to “should” and the word “face” should be changed to “phase” so the “parameters for locating an alternative property for the new school are that the site should have treatable water, three (3)-phase power and planned waste water treatment.”


Corrections to the minutes have been completed.


Board members reviewed the minutes for the January 12, 2007 informational meeting. Dr. Hart indicated that Chairman Clark was in attendance at the informational meeting and his name needed to be added to the “Members present” list.


Corrections to the minutes have been completed.


On a motion by Ms. Duncan, seconded by Ms. McManus, the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the January 8, 2007 Regular Meeting as amended.

On a motion by Ms. Russell, seconded by Col. Totten, the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes for the January 12, 2007 information meeting as amended.

Dr. Hart introduced Chatham Central High School principal Mitch Stensland and head baseball coach Bill Slaughter. Coach Slaughter led the 05-06 Chatham Central baseball team to the State A Championship. The coach then introduced several players from the winning team to the Board and to the audience:

  • Wes Little
  • Casey Beal
  • Bray Harvey
  • Hunter McDaniel
  • D.J. Dean
The team members were welcomed with a warm round of applause.


Dr. Hart congratulated the team members for the team’s victory and wished the current team luck in repeating the championship. Dr. Hart also commended the winning members for commencing their college careers since the win.


Dr. Hart introduced the meeting’s guest presenters who contributed information on the Jack Bennett Road property, which has been slated as the site for the county’s new high school. Mr. Richard Hayes, a soil conservationist, and Ms. Allison Weakley, a biologist, both showed and discussed power point presentations for the audience’s information. Mr. Reuben Blakely, from the NC Department of Transportation, presented information about how road conditions and traffic counts may influence decisions about the new school.


Dr. Hart reminded the audience about the previous information presented at the last Board meeting on January 8, 2007, by Mr. Paul Joyce, Assistant Superintendent of Auxiliary Services. Mr. Joyce presented maps depicting information about the type of soils and land slope, water treatment options and how the need for an objective, outside assessment is recommended.


Mr. Hayes’ power point showed how the different areas of the Jack Bennett Road property have several obstacles, including the sub-soil, which is heavy clay. Heavy clay soil usually has a high water table, which means the soil is too wet for moving heavy equipment from November through April, therefore limiting the available building time to May through October.


The heavy clay sub-soil also means any buildings on the property will require extra thick slabs, a lot of rebar for the footings, both of which equate to a higher building expense. Playground areas will be limited, and because of the wetness of the soil, and athletic fields may even require tile drainage. Suitability for building is usually very limited due to the higher expense, a greater degree of difficulty for construction and the potential need for having ditches to create positive drainage.


Last, but not least, is the aspect of waste water disposal. This type of soil creates limited options for waste water disposal, and probably rules out a sub-surface disposal system. In summary, Mr. Hayes feels the building suitability of this plot of land is not as good as others in the area.


Ms. Russell spoke of the agreement with Governor’s Club regarding the disposal of waste water and the “reuse” clause in the contract.


Col. Totten asked Mr. Hayes if he had heard of any addition of land to the Governor’s Club sub-division; Mr. Hayes confirmed he knew they had recently added some land. As for the aspect of treating wastewater through Governor’s Club, Mr. Hayes said he believed in order for them to treat any additional water there would probably have to be a permit modification at the state level.


Ms. McManus asked Mr. Joyce about the extra cost of the North Chatham School. Mr. Joyce responded that although he didn’t have any specific numbers at the moment, he did know the school required wider footings and a greater amount of rebar.


The meeting’s second guest speaker, Allison Weakley, is a contract biologist who formerly worked for the U.S. Forest Service and is now an independent contractor.


Ms. Weakley reviewed the basics of the land (94 acres, bordered on three (3) sides by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers game lands, it drains into Jordan Lake). Her analysis of the land showed that 36% of the land has impervious surface, resulting in 34 acres being usable.


Ms. Weakley also brought to light some of the challenges of this particular property, to include: the land is impervious and prone to flooding, that construction and grading time is limited to the dry season, construction costs will be higher and the question of disposing of waste water.


Ms. Weakley’s visit to the site showed an unanticipated amount of “seeps” on the property. Seeps are areas of bubbling ground water due to the high water table, which creates a wet, muddy area. She found seeps were actually flooding the Board of Education access road. Ms. Weakley suggested the Board may even have to do ground water and surface water monitoring for the waste water treatment options that might be needed.


The meeting’s next guest speaker who brought information about the Jack Bennett Road school site was Mr. Reuben Blakely from the NC Department of Transportation. Mr. Blakely presented information about how traffic and road conditions may impact the building of the new school.


Mr. Blakely explained how the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) load affects the amount and types of traffic accidents, how the roads are scheduled for maintenance, what type of paving and shoulders a road will have and how those factors influence crash rates and safety aspects of a road.


Data from 2005 shows the traffic count on Jack Bennett Road ranges from 2500 at the 15-501 end of Jack Bennett Rd. to 4400 vehicles per day at the Farrington Rd. end. With an estimated 5% increase the current estimate for traffic counts, those numbers will climb to an estimated 2756 and 4851 vehicles per day, respectively.


Resurfacing bids for Jack Bennett Rd. were scheduled to open January 16, 2007. A traffic signal installation at the intersection of 15-501 and state road (SR) 1717 was completed in November 2005, and another signal was installed at SR 1008 and SR 1717 in July 2003.


School Improvement Plan Presentations:

Dr. Robin B. McCoy, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, introduced principals Gary Yoder, from J.S. Waters School, Charles Aiken, from Moncure School, and Brenda Griffin, from Chatham Middle School, who would present their School Improvement Plans to the Board, which are the last three (3) presentations to be heard.


Mr. Yoder introduced seventh/eight grade Language Arts teacher Autumn Oldham, who assisted in the power point presentation. J.S. Waters School’s is emphasizing increased physical activity among its students and staff, ways to reduce the gaps in their sub group scores and how to incorporate their mission statement of recognizing and accepting diversity into their everyday lives.


Ms. Oldham shared with the Board members and audience that the school has seen an increase in the percentage of Level III and IV scores, that the K-2 Literacy assessments reached “measurable growth, and how science has become a greater emphasis in the school’s goals, and that the staff is attending after school Staff Development workshops to increase their knowledge base in many areas.


Col. Totten asked about the success of the school’s Red Ribbon campaign, and Ms. Oldham responded that they had worked in conjunction with Rufus’, a local restaurant, by designing take out bags for them, which had been a huge success.


Mr. Aiken introduced Kim Simmons, Moncure’s ITS teacher, and Ann Godwin, PTA president, to assist with his school’s presentation. They shared information about Moncure’s continuation of the current plan and how they are incorporating the new state requirements.


Moncure’s goal is for 90% or better of the school’s students to be at or above grade level; they reached “high growth” in Math and have met the AYP benchmarks. Mr. Aiken is striving to create teacher planning times with specific requirements and to continue building the athletic program with the help of their great booster club program. Moncure has four (4) National Board Certified Teachers, and the PTA membership has risen so greatly they received an award for the greatest increase in membership. They have some really great ideas for programs, including “Nights Out” for moms and dads, allowing parents to have quality time with the confidence of know their children are safe.


Ms. Griffin presented her school’s presentation, and was assisted by Chatham Middles’ Assistant Principal, Chad Morgan. Ms. Griffin shared the accomplishment of the school meeting the “expected growth” goal and that Chatham Middle is a “School of Progress.”


Chatham Middle’s student population has seven (7) of the ten (10) subgroups, which creates a very real challenge for students and for faculty. In order to develop ways to help with such diversity, the school has had the wonderful opportunity to have on site staff development with two (2) renowned reading specialists, Nancy Gryder and Patricia Gregory. They have been working with teachers and helping them to implement plans that will allow Chatham Middle to add a greater number of leveled readers to our ranks.


Another goal of the school is to increase physical activity and fitness among the students and staff. All seventh and eight graders received pedometers to monitor how much they are walking (although none of them can keep up with Ms. Griffin!). These pedometers will be able to show the students just how easy it is to stay in shape just by walking and keeping active.


Chatham Middle’s every day motto is to “Strive for Excellence” and they work hard to make that happen, each and every day.


After the presentations of J.S. Waters, Moncure’s and Chatham Middle’s School Improvement Plans (SIPs), Dr. McCoy thanked all the schools and requested the Board members approve all the SIPs they had heard at tonight’s meeting and at the previous meetings.


On a motion by Col. Totten, seconded by Ms. McManus, the Board unanimously approved the Chatham County Schools 06-07 School Improvement Plans as presented.

Dr. Hart announced that next the schools would like to present their all the SIPs during a school day. Please keep this idea in mind, and we will announce the schedule well in advance so Board members will be able to make scheduling plans.


The next presentation for the evening was introduced by Joan Trimmer-Phillips, Chair of the Integrated Pest Management Sub-committee of the Chatham County Schools School Health Advisory Council. who deferred the presentation to George Greger-Holt, Chair of the School Health Advisory Council and CCS Drug Free Schools Coordinator.


Mr. Greger-Holt stated that in 2005 legislation mandated IPM become a standard practice for all public schools, and in 2006 Chatham County Schools formed their IPM sub-committee. IPM is healthier for students, staff and visitors, and the initial numbers show a potential cost savings of over $2.00 per student by using pest management without chemicals, as opposed to pest management with chemicals.


Mr. Greger-Holt then introduced Buddy McCarty, a contractor who developed a system for IPM in Wake County Schools.


Dr. Hart thanked Mr. McCarty for taking time out of retirement to share his presentation with the Board and guests.


Mr. McCarty began his presentation by stating that for many years pest management equaled the use of chemicals to eliminate pests, but he discovered that by implementing good sanitation and pest proofing there was a better way to manage insect and rodent pests in buildings.


His method of pest management is a combination of using the least amount of liquid pesticides and pest proofing buildings (sealing cracks/crevices with foam, caulk and door sweeps) allowed insects and rodent to be controlled without the overuse of dangerous chemicals. He recommended getting references from companies that claim to integrate IPM into their contract services to confirm they actually use the pest proofing aspects pf IPM to augment the minimal use of chemicals to maintain control of pests.


Ms. McManus asked about the success of maintaining athletic fields with this method; Mr. McCarty replied that fire ants, stinking insects, snakes and spiders have all been successfully controlled with IPM.



Board of Education Sharing:

Dr. Hart suggested the Board consult their calendars in order to decide on a date for them to convene for confirming information for their presentation to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) joint meeting on Monday, February 12th before the next regularly scheduled BOE meeting.


A consensus was reached by the Members to meet at the County Office on Monday, February 5, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. to finalize the BOC presentation.

Col. Totten introduced several pictures of dilapidated, metal lockers that had been installed at Bennett School in place of wooden cubbies that had been removed in accordance with the county Fire Marshall’s direction. Col. Totten argued the metal lockers were a disgrace, were covered in graffiti, and were dirty and unusable. He then proposed the lockers be removed and the wooden cubbies be reinstalled and a smoke detector added to the hallway to come into compliance with fire regulations.


Paul Joyce, Assistant Superintendent for Auxiliary Services, responded to Col. Totten’s concerns. Mr. Joyce stated the re-installation of the cubbies is not an option because of the impact on insurance due to the impediment of egress in the hallway.


The metal lockers have been removed from the school. They were installed at the reqest of the school principal, until she saw the actual condition of the lockers. The lockers had been removed from SAGE and stored outside for several months, and although they are reusable, they will need to be refurbished by electro-statically repainting them, which is the only economically responsible option, since all the capital outlay money has already been allocated and/or spent.


Superintendent’s Comments:

  • Dr. Hart announced the names of the newly Nationally Board Certified Teachers:
    • Stephanie Brunson, Third grade Pittsboro Elementary Generalist/middle childhood through young adulthood
    • Cheri Klein, Media coordinator North Chatham Library media/early childhood through young adulthood
    • Susan Mayer, Media coordinator Horton Middle School Library media/early childhood through young adulthood
    • YoLonda Moody, CTE (computer) Silk Hope Career & Technical Education/early adolescence-young adulthood
    • Christa Morgan, First grade Silk Hope Generalist/early childhood
    • Wilhelmina Ritter, Physical education Siler City Elementary Physical education/early and middle childhood
    • Kimberly Simmons, Intercede to Succeed Moncure Generalist/early childhood
    • Rebecca Stanford, Fourth grade Pittsboro Elementary Generalist/middle childhood
    • Deborah Threatt, Fourth grade J.S. Waters Generalist/middle childhood
    • Maureen Valente, Second grade Perry Harrison Generalist/early childhood
    • Marjorie Watson, Exceptional Children Moncure School Exceptional needs specialist/ early childhood-young adulthood
    • Nick Winstead, English Northwood English language arts/adolescence & young adulthood
She also announced an adjustment to the Teacher of the Year and Retirement banquet: new Nationally Board Certified Teachers will also be invited and included in the recognition banquet each spring.
  • Layne Childress, a second grader at Moncure School, is a state winner in the Arts Contest sponsored by the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) Minority Affairs Commission. This is a scholarship fundraiser in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. Congratulations to Layne!
  • Many thanks to CCS bus drivers, who safely navigated our ninety-six buses through their routes last Thursday, January 18th. They transported our students safely through the unpredicted winter storm that hit the area and quickly escalated beyond our, and the weather forecasters’, expectations.
  • The Silk Hope redistricting information session scheduled for January 16 has been changed to January 29 from 6:30 until 8:00 p.m. Siler City Elementary will host a second redistricting information session on Thursday, January 25, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. This date remains the same as originally announced. A PowerPoint review of the process is on the web and will be shown at each session.
  • Jordan Matthews High School auditorium the site for the county Science Fair Awards on February 8, 2007 at 7 p.m.
  • Our next Board meeting will be Monday, February 12th at Pittsboro Elementary School multipurpose room at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will begin as a joint meeting with the Chatham County Commissioners. The focus of the meeting will be on plans for the new high school and facility needs. The Board of Education will hold a regularly scheduled work session after the joint meeting. This session will be held in the Pittsboro Elementary multipurpose room instead of the central office. A closed session will be held after the open session.
  • Staff from Jordan Matthews High School will participate in Legislative School Technology Day, Tuesday, February 13, which will mark the third Legislative School Technology Day at the North Carolina General Assembly Building.
Financial Report:

Susan Little, Chief Finance Officer presented four funds with amendments needing Board approval:


The State Public School Fund

The Current Expense Fund, which had no change in fund balance

Federal Funds, and

Child Nutrition Funds

Ms. Little informed the Board members they had spreadsheets of all the amendments in the Board packets, and if there were any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them.


Board members reviewed the fundraiser requests submitted by the schools for approval.

  • Horton Middle—magazine sale in January/February
  • Chatham Central—Senior T-shirt sales in February, paper heart sales to benefit Cystic Fibrosis in February
  • Perry Harrison—winter dance with DJ in February
  • Northwood—picture sales in January through June
  • Silk Hope—picture sales in February
On a motion by Ms. McManus, seconded by Ms. Russell, the Board voted unanimously to approve the fundraisers as presented.

At this time Chairman Clark thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and announced if there was a motion to return to closed session to discuss personnel issues the Board members would reconvene in the JS Waters Media Center Work Room.


Closed Session:

On a motion by Ms. McManus, seconded by Ms. Duncan, the Board voted unanimously to move from open to closed session in JS Waters School Media Center Work Room to discuss matters regarding student records and personnel matters protected under NC General Statutes 143.318.11 (a)(1) and 143.318.11 (a)(6) at 6:47 p.m.

Personnel Action:

Dr. Tina S. Hester, Chief Personnel Officer, reviewed the Personnel Agenda with Board members then presented the Personnel Action for approval.

On a motion by Ms. Russell, seconded by Ms. Duncan, the Board voted unanimously to reconvene in open session at 11:15 p.m. in the J.S. Waters media Center.

Open Session:

On a motion by Ms. Duncan, seconded by Ms. Russell, the Board voted unanimously to approve the personnel agenda as presented.

On a motion by Ms. Duncan, seconded by Ms. Russell, the Board voted unanimously to release the minutes, per citizen request, from closed sessions on the following dates:

  • September 25, 2000,
  • October 23, 2000,
  • March 12, 2001,
  • March 19, 2001 and
  • April 2, 2001


With no further business, on a motion by Ms. McManus, seconded by Ms. Duncan, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn at 11:24 p.m.


Editor's note: spreadsheets were eliminated from this online article.

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