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CCCC offers sustainable farming classes

By Robin Kohanowich
Posted Tuesday, January 9, 2007

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Pittsboro, NC - The Central Carolina Community College is offering sustainable farming, energy and building courses this spring semester. Below is a list of the offerings:

Comparing Sustainable Farming Systems
Visits to local farms will form the basis for this course. Students will have the opportunity to participate in planned group activities on different farms. Individual farmers will share the particulars of their farming operation with the visiting students. The students will work with the lead instructor to synthesize a comparison of local farming systems. Recommended for interns, those ready to begin their own farm business and anyone interested in the details of local farming operations. Emphasis will be on vegetable production, but tours will also include fruits, cut flowers, herbs and livestock. Monday, 1:30- 5:30 pm, 2/19/07 to 4/30/07, Doug Jones. $61.25

Growing Organic Vegetables
This course will present the fundamentals of organic vegetable growing and offer hands-on training in the most important skills involved. Grow, harvest, and utilize a variety of vegetables organically, learn about irrigation installation and season extension structures. Those interested in organic certification for their farm and selling products both wholesale and retail should also take Organic Farming (see below). Tuesday, 1/23/07 to 3/13/07, 6 to 9 pm, Doug Jones $56.25

Organic Farming
This six week intensive course is for individuals considering starting a commercial organic vegetable farm. Students will learn the components of a farm business plan, farm design and infrastructure, evaluating and amending soils, biological pest, disease, and weed management, record keeping, organic certification, harvesting and marketing. Consisting of class and field time, students will gain hands on practical experience in planting and harvesting organic vegetables. Great follow-up to the Growing Organic Vegetables course (see above) for those interested in market gardening. Tuesday, 3/20/07 to 4/24/07, 6 to 9 pm, Tony Kleese $56.25

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants - Field Study
The focus of this field study will be locating, identifying, approaching, collecting and marketing edible and medicinal plants. Frequent field trips to local areas for identification and sustainable harvest of native plants are planned as part of the learning experience. Learn how to explore herb habitats and communities, and discover ways to open up to this healing, nurturing, and renewing force. Most of the class will take place outdoors, so come dressed accordingly. Students should bring a notebook suitable for use outdoors. Thursday, 2 to 5 pm, 1/18/07 to 3/15/07. Will Endres $56.25

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
Herbalist and Wild Crafter Will Endres shares his more than thirty years of experience in the gathering and preparation of wild herbs for personal use and sale. Learn how to wisely integrate plants into your daily life. This is an interactive course where you will be given the opportunity to ask all of your herbal questions. The preparation of herbs for use by drying, and by making fluid extracts will be covered. This course complements the Field Study class, but neither is a pre-requisite. Thursday, 6 to 8 pm, 1/18/07 to 3/15/07. Will Endres $55

Interested in sheep, grass-based livestock production and understanding meats? Please let CCCC know; they would like to offer short courses in these areas. Call Robin at 919-542-6495 ext. 229

Sustainable Building
Additional courses available, including; How to Build a House, Interior/Exterior Trim and Basic Residential Construction with and Alternative Building Emphasis, see for more info on Certificates in Green Building

Carpentry, Electrical and Plumbing
Students will learn the fundamentals for basic house construction or remodeling work from experienced builder, teacher and farmer Kevin Meehan. Topics covered include framing, cabinetry and trim, stairs, wiring, drain lines, the NC building code, and hot/cold supply lines with an emphasis on sustainable and low impact building techniques. Excellent course for those new to the construction trades. Tuesday, 1/16/07 to 4/3/07, 7-9 pm, Kevin Meehan, $56.25

Intro to Biofuels
The science and technology of converting diesel engines to using alternative fuels, and the history of why this technology is not already common knowledge. This class will have a hands-on portion and will specifically address the use of alternative energy as part of sustainable agriculture operations1/22/07 to 4/16/07 - 6:00 -9:00 pm Rachel Burton $61.25

Straight Vegetable Oil
Learn about how to convert a diesel engine to run on clean, renewable vegetable oil instead of expensive, highly toxic petroleum products. 1/23/07 to 2/27/07 - 6:00 -9:00 pm Johnny Frye $56.25

Diesel Technology - 3/6/07 to 4/10/07 - 6:00 -9:00 pm Johnny Frye $56.25

To register for any of the classes call 919-542-6495 ext 223

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CCCC offers sustainable farming classes

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