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High tech catches the ladies' eyes

Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for those who may not have noticed, women are on the prowl for high-tech gadgets. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) says that women outspend men by about a 60/40 ratio when it comes to consumer electronics, and they influence 80 percent of electronics purchases. From buying gadgets and goodies as gifts, to treating themselves to a trendy gizmo, women seem to be mastering the world of technology as fast as their male counterparts.

But unlike most men, these high-tech wonders must meet the following criteria for the female shopper: they must be functional, feasible and friendly.

Women take a practical approach when purchasing technology, spending to meet an objective rather than for the sheer delight of one-upping the neighbors. They’re content knowing they got a good deal on a new age product that’s rapidly gaining popularity.
Men, on the other hand, will boast that they have the biggest high definition TV (HDTV) on the block and will proudly display that 60-inch HDTV on a big media center for the whole world to see.

Some of the hottest consumer electronics in demand this this Valentine’s day by both men and women include HDTVs, digital video recorders and portable media companions.

Everything looks better in HD

High definition offers a stunning picture and exciting surround sound. What’s more, the cost of an HDTV has dramatically dropped and more than 70% of primetime network programming is now broadcast in high definition That means every one in the family can enjoy their favorite shows in stunning clarity including Sunday Night Football, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. Additionally, many networks like Discovery, National Geographic, ESPN and Travel Channel have adopted HD programming. Satellite pay-TV provider DISH Network offers the most with 30 national HD channels,

The most important household electronic

Digital video recorders (DVRs) have also become an overwhelming favorite with women for obvious reasons. DVRs allow consumers to record live TV so people can watch what they want when they want. And they are easy to use. That means a practical woman can spend more time with family and friends while still keeping up-to-date on pop culture. And when she does finally sit down to watch her favorite shows she can zap through commercials, watching a one-hour program in 40 minutes or less. As an added bonus, DVRs are easy to use so that women can easily record and watch programming without headache. Additionally, recent studies have shown an overwhelmingly majority of consumers think DVRs are worth the cost. A multi-room DVR is even better as it powers two rooms with one set-top box so she can watch Thursday’s docudrama while the kids watch an animated movie in the play room.

In the end, no one’s saying that women like gadgets more than shoes or a great handbag. Or maybe they do. Oxygen Network conducted a survey that said that three out of four women would choose the TV over a diamond solitaire necklace.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t be surprised if the HDTV, the DVR or the portable media player is either on your gal’s wish list or wrapped and ready for her special someone.

Courtesy of ARA Content

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