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100 most popular baby names for 2006

Posted Saturday, June 23, 2007

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Based on more than 4.2 million Social Security card applications for children born last year, mothers and fathers have picked Emily and Jacob as the most popular baby names for the eighth year in a row. Emily has been the most popular female name each year since 1996. Jacob has been the top male name since 1999. Sophia is new to the top ten for the first time and William returns after a one year absence. Elvis lives on at number 761.

Popularity in 2006

Rank Male name Female name
1Jacob Emily
2Michael Emma
3Joshua Madison
4Ethan Isabella
5Matthew Ava
6Daniel Abigail
7Christopher Olivia
8Andrew Hannah
9Anthony Sophia
10William Samantha
11Joseph Elizabeth
12Alexander Ashley
13David Mia
14Ryan Alexis
15Noah Sarah
16James Natalie
17Nicholas Grace
18Tyler Chloe
19Logan Alyssa
20John Brianna
21Christian Ella
22Jonathan Taylor
23Nathan Anna
24Benjamin Lauren
25Samuel Hailey
26Dylan Kayla
27Brandon Addison
28Gabriel Victoria
29Elijah Jasmine
30Aiden Savannah
31Angel Julia
32Jose Jessica
33Zachary Lily
34Caleb Sydney
35Jack Morgan
36Jackson Katherine
37Kevin Destiny
38Gavin Lillian
39Mason Alexa
40Isaiah Alexandra
41Austin Kaitlyn
42Evan Kaylee
43Luke Nevaeh
44Aidan Brooke
45Justin Makayla
46Jordan Allison
47Robert Maria
48Isaac Angelina
49Landon Rachel
50Jayden Gabriella
51Thomas Jennifer
52Cameron Avery
53Connor Mackenzie
54Hunter Zoe
55Jason Riley
56Diego Sofia
57Aaron Maya
58Owen Kimberly
59Lucas Andrea
60Charles Megan
61Juan Katelyn
62Luis Gabrielle
63Adrian Trinity
64Adam Faith
65Julian Evelyn
66Bryan Kylie
67Alex Brooklyn
68Sean Audrey
69Nathaniel Leah
70Carlos Stephanie
71Jeremiah Madeline
72Brian Sara
73Hayden Jocelyn
74Jesus Nicole
75Carter Haley
76Sebastian Paige
77Eric Arianna
78Xavier Ariana
79Brayden Vanessa
80Kyle Michelle
81Ian Mariah
82Wyatt Amelia
83Chase Melanie
84Cole Mary
85Dominic Isabelle
86Tristan Claire
87Carson Isabel
88Jaden Jenna
89Miguel Caroline
90Steven Valeria
91Caden Aaliyah
92Kaden Aubrey
93Antonio Jada
94Timothy Natalia
95Henry Autumn
96Alejandro Rebecca
97Blake Jordan
98Liam Gianna
99Richard Jayla
100Devin Layla
Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth.

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