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Yes Virginia, there is a book store in Siler City

By Pat Urthur
Posted Sunday, April 2, 2006

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Siler City, NC - Although I have long suspected that there is more to Pittsboro than people in Siler City realize and vice versa, I was recently shocked to find that knowledge about one's own city is lacking.

I am, of course, speaking of the shock and horror I felt upon realizing that some people do not know that the most wonderful used book store in the two cities (and also the only one) does in fact exist. Of course, owning this most wonderful book store could have something to do with the above mentioned shock and horror!

This unspeakable trauma was thrust upon me last week as an out of town visitor finally stumbled into the store after a long and arduous trek to find me. Their adventure began with a rumor that there was a book store, then inquiries being made at several other business establishments, being told that "There is no book store in Siler City", long and harrowing trips on the streets of Siler City in their quest and finally finding an obviously wise person who could point them in the right direction. After arriving and resting up from their journey and recounting their adventure (misadventure?) they suggested that maybe people really didn't know of the wonders of or the location of Paperbacks Plus! I, of course, immediatly jumped to the defense of our local population of readers. So as a public service I feel that I must spread the word of this most elusive location before word of this lack of knowledge is spread to the four corners of the world and thus blackening the reputation of Siler City. comes the commercial. We are, in fact, located in Siler City and have a large selection of used paperbacks, some hardbacks and books on tape. We also order new books on request and will look for any of those books that you read, loved and have now lost.

For the non-believers...just follow the yellow brick link:

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