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Black Velvet Solar of Pittsboro announces a new era of clean efficient power

Posted Friday, January 14, 2011

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Pittsboro, NC - Black Velvet Solar of Pittsboro, NC announced successful demonstration of its 3DFS Power Controller that is designed to deliver power that is more than 100X cleaner than electricity provided by the public grid, while delivering power savings on the order of 25 to 40%.

The quality of electricity drawn from the public grid is surprisingly poor. The US Department of Energy estimates that 70% of the electric motors in the US operate on less than an ideal power factor. 3DFS™ estimates that "the typical home operates at a power factor worse than 0.7." In addition the total harmonic distortion (“THD”) of the electricity typically supplied by the public grid is approximately 10 to 20%, whereas the 3DFS Power Controllers deliver power with a THD under 0.1%. Despite the decrease in efficiency caused by distortions in the power supply (as best measured by THD), almost no utility regulators across the world set targets for THD in the power supply. The new standard in clean power set by 3DFS™ allows for electronics to operate much more effectively.

Power factors are largely ignored in the residential electricity market where utilities in the absence of smart meters do not measure and bill for power factors under the ideal 1.0. Nonetheless such low power factors require the power companies to reserve additional generating capacity to deliver the required amount of power. By contrast commercial and industrial customers are billed at higher rates for low power factors.

3DFS™ estimates that "approximately 1 trillion kWh (or $100+ billion) annually could be saved by a total adoption of its power controllers across the US with a payback of approximately one year." This power savings is the equivalent of 1,000 typical coal fired power generating plants. In addition delivering clean power to equipment, such as motors and compressors, will at least double the service life of such equipment. 3DFS™ also plans to introduce a Microgrid Controller adaptation of its 3DFS™ Power Controllers in early 2011. The Microgrid Controllers will bring greatly enhanced fuel efficiency and service lives to the 1+ trillion watts of generators in the DoD inventory. In addition to its economic impact, this increase in efficiency will also reduce casualties incurred in theater, since the DoD estimates that 60 to 80% of casualties are related to fuel resupply convoys.

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Black Velvet Solar of Pittsboro announces a new era of clean efficient power

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